by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 22nd of January 2005 12:42:54 PM


Isbikta Nordeland
I like the first picture... Her pose is like the movement of the wind as well as the dance of a ballerina but more ancient greek according to the white fabric arround her hips. // Isbikta

John Peri
Good observation, and it's taken in Greece too !

John Peri
.. unfortunately, it was evening and there was very little light left ..

John Peri
.. and I managed to get just a few shots .. but she signed a release form ...

John Peri
and I put one of her photos in a book ..

Ken Thalheimer
Lovely shot John

John Peri
Jay, I guess you mean the one but last! Yes, you are absolutely right. The photo was too dull and I tried to change the colour of the background .. hope you don't mean the top photo ... nothing is cloned there to my recollection ... all these photos were taken in a field.

Jay Weston
The bottom shot is really great, good colour, pose, composition, expression... I like the top one too but something feels off, her expression or pose or...? Hopeless cloning job on the left tho John!! :) Im guessing you werent trying though :) Great shots. Best Regards.

David McCracken
Another! Another image that i not instantly recogniseable as one of yours. I do like this. It may seem quite a simple shot but the contrast of the rough background with her smooth well formed shape makes this very pleasing indeed!

John Peri
Gypsy This is a real Gypsy that I asked to pose for me ....

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