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Published: Friday 21st of January 2005 11:42:19 PM


John Peri
Well Vi, that is exactly what I had in mind ..... I notice that you visited some other photos too, thank you for the interest. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to reply in detail now, as I am away. I am glad to see nevertheless you agree that if nudity is portrayed with grace, it can be very pure and aesthetic. There is no vulgarity in the nude body, only in the way that some people perceive it. As for the portrait, you too have so much personality in your face. It would be wonderful to photograph ...

Vi P
She's so very beautiful... I bet every girl dreams of a portrait like that, looking this beautiful... well, I do anyway ;)

John Peri
Many thanks Nina. I sent a word to Jeremy who very kindly solved the problem. You are right when you say that it does take some of the fun away ...

John Peri
Yes Nina, it's the same person I see. Sure, he is trying to push down the ratings for some perverse reason, but what he doesn't understand is that everytime he rates a picture, he pushes it up on the visibility scale, since it then get presented on the most rated pages! Surely that is much more interesting! .... no, I haven't told anyone, in fact he's just visited my latest posting too (Josh V. Cooper S. etc.,).. ! I guess that if it continues, I might drop a word to Jeremy, but all this is really terribly unimportant. Have a great weekend too.Personally, I'm travelling to N.Y. tomorrow ...

Patrick MERLAY
What a fabulous glance ! John, don't be upset by those stupid ratings, more than that don't be upset by ratings. You make photos of those fabulous girls for your pleasure and for ours. Anything else doesn't matter.

John Peri
Thanks Patrick,of course the ratings are not important. I do appreciate comments though that have allowed me often to improve substantially on a picture. What I meant is that if someone was trying to be a nuisance, he accomplished the opposite by pushing up the visibility of the picture. All this is very silly. Why can't people just live and enjoy themselves and let others live too ... thanks again though ...

John Peri
I don't think so, because Nina's photo is of a beautfiul young child. Thank you by the way. I certainly wouldn't rate this with a 7, but maybe not a 2 either, llke this guy does. Best wishes Talbert, John

Nina I. Andersen
Thanks for fixing it John!!! :) Nina

Gustavo Acosta
and a very nice model I just lover her face.... Personally I think a monochrome background coudl be better, the white is a bit distracting.

Al Ungar
Excellent She looks like she would be enjoyable to work with, Very good skin tones and I like the pose/composition.

Johnny Santoso
Nice portrait from the most interesting fotographer....:)brgds..6/6

Tomaso Nigris
6\7 Very nice and attractive pict as usual. Comgr.

Adrian Maniutiu
Captivating and conquering look. You've captured the right moment in a superb light. You said that you don't think that this portrait deserves much attention - well, positively speaking, I think it does. Beautiful and complete. Cheers

Nina I. Andersen
Hi John!
I understand why you are upset! The exact same thing happen to me last night on this picture: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=3054922&size=lg . The ratings are given by the exact same "people" as well!
I'm totally aware that different people have different taste in pictures, but when fake people/accounts with no pictures in it give ratings like that it pisses me off. When people/the same person with different accounts that do this stands for more than 30% of the ratings on one picture just to bring it down it sure takes away the fun.
Have you contacted the site owner about this btw?

Oh I almost forgot; Lovely picture you have here :)
Take care and have a great weekend!

Best wishes from Nina

Nina I. Andersen
Have a great trip to New York John :)

John Peri
How extaordinary some people are. Someone took all the trouble to create nine fictitious accounts yesterday after 5.00 PM Eastern Time, in order to downgrade this photo! It's absurdity pushed to the extreme. By doing that and rating a picture, one pushes it up in visibility! .. Really, this portrait is just not worth that much effort! ... Jack.M; Cathy.P; Cooper.S; Mike.T; Josh.V; Karen Evans; Mike Clinton; C.Morgan; Adam Taylor!

John Peri
jo-jo A fun model to photograph..

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