Reflected stars

by Rivera Francisca

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Published: Friday 21st of January 2005 04:29:43 PM


Marinko Saric
VAUH !! 7/7

Daniel Montero
Dear Francisca: Nice light and composition. I wonder how to obtain a lot of stars in a sky from a really heavy-lighted city. I see something unreal in the reflected image. I don't understand how is possible to have more reflected stars than real ones. (please, take a look at the attached image). Cheers from Canary Islands Daniel

Andras Gyorgy EDLER
Space, the final frontier... ... was my first thought, when I saw this image. It's like a giant starship floating on the sky. Very good image. 7/7

Harry Eggens
Great architecture image Francisca Fantastic clarity and reflection. Gould you please tell something about the technical details, shutter time and aperture. I would like to know something more about it, because I also am interrested in making images like this great one. Thanks in advance Francisca....Kindest regards, Harry

Harry Eggens
Thanks Francisca Much appreciated....Kindest regards, Harry

Hector Brandan
7/7 Preciosura de toma Francisca,felicitaciones, saludos, Hector

Fabio Ficola
OK stars are added! Anyway your picture "Reflections" is very good. Best regard Fabio

Tony Georgiadis
Great night shot.

Francisco Javier Gimenez
No t'enfadis... Muy buen estreno... tan solo 4 fotografias pero de muy alta calidad. Discrepancias o no, veo una composicion con una definicion, luz, excelentes. No has enganyado a nadie por lo que a mi respecta, ademas eso de buscarle los tres pies al gato nunca me ha gustado. Una de las cosas que hecho en falta en esta web son mas descripciones de las fotografias, material utilizado, todo el mundo las incluye y como no el idioma, ya se sabe que el ingles supera a la mayoria de las lenguas... pero me duele no enterder del todo a alguien que vive en mi mismo pais, pues siempre voy traduciendo con el Power traslator, dado que mi nivel de ingles es minimo. A lo nuestro... una fotografia magnifica Francisca.

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Fantastic composition/great job!

Edwin Mendoza
Very Very Nice and impressive!

Francisca Rivera
Firstly thanks for all comments. I want to answer specially to Saul, Franka and Daniel. You can see in 'Details' of this photo that I didn't record this photo as unmanipulated because two reasons: 1) There are some elements behind the left construction and in the left and inferior angle that I made disappear with PS; and 2) I added stars. Besides that I adjusted the 'curves'. You can see the original pict with the exiff data in the attached file. I'm afraid that the reflect is exactly what you see. I live in Valencia very near the museum and I can show you this point of view wherever you want.

Francisco Lardies
Muy, muy buena

Martin Thorpe
One of my all time favourites on here, excellent shot. 7/7

franka bades
Hola Francisca, soy de Valencia y me a�ado a la critica de Saul, pero en cualquier caso, me parece una excelente imagen, perfecta composicion e iluminacion, felicidades, saludos

Saul Santos Diaz
hola Francisca, he estado muchas veces en la ciudad de las artes y el cielo de la ciudad de valencia con la iluminacion que tine no se puede ver asi, ademas el lago artificial no es en linia recta, puede que me equivoque pero esto me suena a obra de arte con photoshop, un cordial saludo

Joe OConnor
Vertigo While doing something else for awhile, as I returned to my computer I happened to look at this photo sideways and thought, "Oh my gosh, what's that?" My imagination returned to reality (and Earth) as I sat down again but being momentarily awestruck helped me realize how wonderfully balanced this image is -- composition and color. I think I recall an adage from some long ago art class that you know if an image is fundamentally good if continues to look good when viewed from several angles. Congrats, well done.

Armindo Lopes
Digan lo que digan, esto es un trabajo fabuloso. La imagen es bonita y la composicion es estupenda.

Guillermo Lobera Temes

Terry Richards
Terry Richards Absolutely stunning!!

Refreshing nice crisp composition 7/7

Daren Holland
A7 - O7 This image has so many strong features. It works beautifully. Well done.

Charlotte Lepage
Vision from the future Very impressive shot. The symetry makes it look like a futuristic vessel. Congratulations! 7/7

Alec Ee
Almost like a "Star Wars" screen setting and the reflection seems mirror-like. Great job. Added stars not a problem for me as you could have easily made a reflection outright which is easier.

Francisca Rivera
To Alec Ee: Well, the point is that it is a REAL reflection, non manipulated, as I said here up. I have no problem with this question if I've manipulated some thing, but in this case, the reflection is original. You have a image attachment here up, with the original photo. Thanks for your comments.

Francisco Díaz
Magistral, simplemente. Enhorabuena

James Garrard
Incredible, flawless composition. The star additions are also very professional you would not know that it was p-shopped unless told. Nice!

Jitka Unverdorben
Very nice photo! g. Jitka

Bernie Moore CT
Dear Francisca, thank you for sharing your images. You capture light like a magician, and your compositions are inspirational. This piece is just perfect, made so by ever so gently nudging out natural flaws with Photoshop. You give credence to the art of manipulating light even after it passes through the lens. Warm regards, Bernie

John Hill
Very Nice I also like it sideways.

Frank Uhlig
artificial reflection? I am wondering about the absolute symmetry of the picture. A truely reflected scene would have to show a slighty different geometry between the rwal image (on top) and its reflected image (below), due to the different angle of view. So: is this an artificial "reflection", put below the horizon in slightly less saturation via photoshop to "fake us" into believing this is a true real world picture, OR is my analysis flawed, Francisca? Can you post the original shot, if there is one, please. The question here is: stunning digital illustration to manufacture this image or amazing photography?

Pankaj Purohit
Very Good Looks like mirror digitaly on computers. Amazing

Don Stephens
Don S. I love this photo. It looks like the structures are sitting on a giant mirror and the photo is fantastic. I looked at your portfolio and you are an artist with the camera. Keep up the good work.

Raymond Elstad
An amazing image, great compsition and light! It also rather looks like a ship from Star Trek or some other 'Sci Fi' saga. Bravo!

Pat Morrison
7/7 Francisca, sencillamente impresioante. Enhorabuena!

Francisca Rivera
Hello, Frank The original photography is posted up, you can see it. I only can tell you what I've said before: this a REAL reflection, and it's naturally perfect, yes.

A.K. Sircar
Excelente! Excellent rendition,Francisca. Saludos.

Dragomir Vukovic
stars to you

Maksim Tretyakov
Great! Chertovsky krasivo.Gde eto mesto? Hotelos bi syezdit tuda!!!Pendosi kazli!!! This is Russian translite. 8)

A. Hunt
7/7 I love this one. Love how it reflects.

Alex Milarakis
Very beautiful night photo with excellent composition, perfect exposure and and beautiful refrlections. Congrats !

zhang lin
Just like a craft in the cosmic space.

Michael Moore
Amazing original shot. 7/7. May i ask how an earth were you able to include almost pin point sharp stars in the image without over-exposing the structure? which looks like a spaceship hovering in deep space to me. Excellent!

Diego Espíndola
Para algunos despistados Primero que nada, la imagen me gust� sin necesidad de saber si está ¯ no modificada. Mi comentario es especialmente en respuesta a Daniel Montero. El "defecto" que acusas relacionado a las estrellas tiene una explicaci�n simple y demostrable con un peque�o espejo. El campo visual es limitado por lo que no necesariamente deberí¡³ ver en el cielo todo lo que ves en el reflejo y viceversa. Para que lo pruebes, toma un espejo, pᲡte casi debajo de una luminaria de tu casa y con el espejo casi horizontal y cerca del nivel de tu vista, mira hacia adelante y presta atenci�n al espejo, lo normal serí¡ que logres ver la luminaria reflejada pero no así ¬a real ya que tu campo visual no te lo permite. Para solucionar eso deberí¡³ alejarte hasta incluir la luminaria en tu campo visual. Espero eso sea de utilidad en tus composiciones. Saludos a todos desde Uruguay.

Luis Argüelles
Sin las estrellas falsas seria extraodinaria. Con las estrellas se me antoja simplemente un ejercicio en Photoshop.

Jan Robert Jernmark
Very nice man, Valencia is a beautiful city.

Abilio I.G.
Una preciosidad de foto. Enhorabuena.

Abhishek Ardey
Very Nice! Love the stillness of the water, even tiny details of stars are captured!

Ricardo Alberto Maciel
Hola Francisca: Reconoci la foto ni bien la vi en las miniaturas de la pagina inicial de del dí¡ de hoy, la recuerdo de OD, imposible de olvidar por lo bien hecha que esta, mis felicitaciones!! Ricardo Maciel

Bob Irvine
I'm sorry Francisca, but this is an artificial reflection. First of all, as has already been pointed out, the geometry is wrong in the reflection. The reflected section of the structure directly above the tower light should have exposed the underside of the beam which it does not. But the final give away is simply in the dynamics of reflected images. As the angle of the camera increases from the horizon, the reflected image becomes shorter. The tower in the photograph and it's reflection are pixel for pixel exactly the same height. I submit the following demonstration of a pen photographed on a glass mirror. The image on the left is a true reflection. The image on the right is a flipped artificial reflection. It is also shown that even glass distorts the clarity and sharpness of the reflection. I'm pretty sure that water as still as it can be would not do any better.

Nathan Craver
Bob's theory has some merit, but first of all, about the distortion caused in the reflection, that happened because there are actually 2 reflections cast in the photo he provided, one on the top surface of the glass, the other is on the bottom surface where the reflective coating is. Water, if perfectly still, at night can cast a near perfect reflection depending on the viewing angle. As far as it being a photoshop reflection, I have my doubts. I downloaded the image, split it, and overlayed the bottom onto the top. I noticed that no matter how where you move the top layer, they never match up. Here is one result with the images aligned at the top section of the glass on the building on the left. Asides from all of this, I love this image regardless of how it was achieved!

Nathan Craver
Bob, upon further study of both this photo and the one you referred to, I have absolutely no doubt that this photo is a true reflection. The hight issue is apparent in both of these photos, you're just not noticing it. The closer an object is to the water (closer to you) the more the reflection is going to match the actual image. In the link you provided, the crane is further from the photographer and water, so the base is cut in half. The sign post on the left is right at the water's edge, therefore both real and reflected signs are the same size. Now look at this photo. The tree and buildings are right at the water's edge, therefore the reflections are almost identical to the actual objects, Notice how the image I flipped in my previous post, the buildings don't exactly match up, that is because the buildings curve around and become further from the water. (They are 3 Dimensional). The dead giveaway is the city lights in the background, as they are not the same distance on both sides of the split line. There is your hight issue, representing itself in plain, visible form, and adhering to the laws of physics as it should. This is a real reflection, I don't know why people must cut others down because a picture is so good, it's almost unbelievable, but is nonetheless undeniably true. My hat's off to the photographer for a truly amazing photograph. Thank you Francisca for sharing with us.

Bob Irvine
I concede Nathan, The distortion in the reflected image is caused by an overlapping of two distinct reflections, but the issue of height in any reflection is clearly an issue here. Here is another PN member's submission of a real reflection. It validates my position without question that this is not a true reflection.

Bob Irvine
"I don't know why people must cut others down because a picture is so good" I'm not cutting anyone down. I'm simply disputing how the picture came to be; and stand by my conclusions until such times as Francisca can make available the original unedited shot as proof, which of course will not happen. This is why it is called a 'critique'. At this point I'm afraid that we will have to agree to disagree.

Nathan Craver
Bob, Francisca did post an unedited shot, albeit an entire screenshot of photoshop with the unedited image in it. As I said before, the proof is in the photo, you are just unwilling to look for it. I think you will never be satisfied until you are proven to be right, which that will never happen because you are wrong. Open eyes and open mind make all the difference in the world.

Bob Irvine
Nathan, You are perfectly right! This is not a false reflection at all! It is a real reflection off water. Happy!

Francisca Rivera
Thank you, Bob and Nathan, for your discussion here. I've just enjoyed it. Actually, I had given before all the data and the original photo, so I did not believe it was necessary to intervene in your discussion, but I've enjoyed it.

Nathan Craver
Well Francisca, I can understand how at a glance the photo looks unreal, and upon closer inspection, it's obvious that it is not. What bothered me was that someone basically stated that you lied about how you achieved this shot, after you went into detail about how you did it. Again, very nice photo.

Kombizz Kashani
A very beautiful capture of this calm reflection

Francisca Rivera
Reflected stars The buiding and its real reflect in the water, an artificial lake ahead.

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