ar 5

by Peri John

ar johnperi portrait photography glamour nude artisti peri john

Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 16th of January 2005 02:46:54 PM


pantelimonescu tudor
very nice but I has a big problem the composition is of balanced the crop of martin is realy good you should work at composition a little bit from what i have seen is one of your best as al so some one had seed before me best regards Tudor

Owen O'Meara
John Beautifully conceived and crafted image. Composition is almost perfect. This is clearly one of your best images if not your best. -Owen

Martin Brown
Nice pose, tone, lighting. But the foot in the corner pulled my eye. Hope you dont mind the crop. Martin.

John Peri
Sure Martin, it's interesting like this too .... thanks.

Angel Pena
Nice comp and wonderful expression. Good communication with the model make this happen. When I achieve that (once in a while) I can express myself tru her. John, your pics are inspiring!

classic very classic work,,you have a nice style,,thanks

Chris Cross
very good it stands clearly beside the John-Peri-mainstream. Your best as far as I can see. Kind regards Chris

John Peri
As an afterthought, maybe we should not crop out what could be a more interesting part of the composition?

John Peri
Thanks Jan. Strange coincidence. I was just contacted today to put it in a book.

Jan Kellgren
This is one marvellous picture - I love watching it! MVH /JK

Mohamad Reza Fathali
Great shot!well done!

John Peri
Figure at rest A different presentation ...

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