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by Peri John

mm nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 16th of January 2005 12:40:18 PM


Olli Pekonen
Quite a pose... hard to believe she's unexperienced... well, perhaps the smile is a bit forced... but shes' got the build to make it.

Olli Pekonen
... and in the line of Freudian slipups, I shouls mention that the lighting and comp of this photo is A-OK, too. The highlights along the body is very nice... how did you manage to light such a long "object" so candidly?

Jan Olof Härnström
She is doing a very good job, as the photographer is... Regards.

Olli Pekonen
flash yea sure a flash, but not surely a direct pop, but something in addition... sofbox, umbrella, reflector...

Olli Pekonen
Apologies Sorry John, I did not want to sound sarcastic, more like enthusiastic. This is magnificient piece of work for such simple equipment. The darkening edges are a good idea, too.

Pioles Cramponis
She is rather shy but very beautiful! Great capture John!

John Peri
Flash !

John Peri
Thank you Olli.

John Peri
I don't understand your remark Olli which I must say sounds a little sarcastic. I didn't understand either that you were so interested or I would gladly have given more details. I do not possess any of the equipment above. "Yea", the flash was bounced off the wall. I darkened the edges in PS, if that is what you are curious about.

Eduard Nikoliqi
6/6 Very nice, both the picture and its content.

Guillermo Mario Martinez Caballero
Hi John Great John ... But I have a question ?How can be possible that more than 16 thousand of people have had look your picture in just three days,, really is possible , or can you tell me what is the meaning of the view times in each photo ? MARIO PAPER MARTINEZ CABALLERO/ MEXICO

John Peri
Hy Mario. I posted the photo on January 16th. It's the first comment that only dates from three days ago! Hope you liked the photo. Best wishes, John

Richard Deng

Beautiful elegance.

John Peri
On the couch ... A rather shy young lady which apart a few black and white close-up portraits has not been photographed before ...

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