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by Peri John

aa nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 16th of January 2005 01:45:28 AM


Mona Chrome
I think the use of the diagonal line and cocking the camera angle a bit works very well. The repeating triangular shapes add to a sense of rhythm in the image. I am not sure that the various fabric patterns work together as well as they might. Looking at your other work in this folder, i didn't see you putting frames around your photos and wonder why you did it here. i would like seeing the photo without it.

John Peri
Thank you Mona. It was basically to give the photo a vintage look of the early part of the last century which I felt suited the pose.

Steffen Drache
You should use a sepia-tone for more traditional feeling... Well done! Regards Steffen

Luis Ocampo
Gees what a beautiful model. I like the angle and her pose. The lightning is very well executed but I don't like the leopard sheet as a background and the blanket on the couch. I'd love to see this shot with out the frame as well.

Guy Barnard
reminds me of a vargas girl in playboy

Sue Cllapsadle
Nudes Generally I dont check out the nudes, but this one caught my eye, Nicely Done! Susanna c. Clapsadle

Steve Bingham
Hmmm. MM revisited.

John Peri
I haven't tried it previously on this one Steffen. This is what it looks like ..

Jim Hayes
She is still my all time favorite Peri-girl. Just don't tell my other all time favorites though. f/64

John Peri
Boudoir In the traditional style of nudes ...

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