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Published: Friday 14th of January 2005 10:30:29 PM


John Peri
Gregory, because I really feel it's not up to standard. The "different" part I like, but the burned out areas I don't! Thanks.

Greg Goldstein
Why all the negative self talk Jon? The lighting is different and thus interesting..... Call it art, not science!

Greg Goldstein
That's nice Jon! Almost looks a bit I.R. I like the angle.

John Peri
The lighting is pretty awful I'm afraid. I just placed the sitting room lamp on the floor, facing the settee. However, maybe it gives the picture the unrefined look of one of the early 20th century photos ..

Francesco Tonini
A very good mixed stile, i like it a lot

John Peri
David, admittedly, I do like the pose and even the boa which gives it a vintage look. What is awful however in my view is the lighting. I wish I could do it again, but too late now .... thanks.

David McCracken
A bit of a different style! At last! A picture that I didn't instantly recognise as one of yours. I do like it. I am not sure that the feather boa works or not. The ligting is interesting. The only thing that 'spoils' it is the shadow on her right shoulder.

John Peri
Reclining nude cont ..... 5 In the tradition of the 30's .....

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