Grandmother`s sofa # 09

by Amelkovich Igor

grandmothers sofa nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 14th of January 2005 01:30:45 PM


Robert Shea
Grandmother's sofa#09 My eye is taken directly to her back, from there I notice the lines of her body that slowly flow in to the dark sofa. The lines reform with the edges of that sofa. A very fluid flow of body and tone, well done!!!

Jim Swenson
There's a sofa. Oh yes, there it is.

David Shelby
Excellent! The tint,texture of the background,composition and lighting makes this once again,your style! one of the best images posted. 7/7 plus!

Marco Brivio
Outstanding. 7/7

Daniel Benoit
Grandma is quite preserved.

Thorsten Jankowski
keep on doing experiences! great!

Igor Amelkovich
Grandmother`s sofa # 09 I did experiences

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