Classical nakedness # 5

by Amelkovich Igor

classical nakedness nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 13th of January 2005 11:54:33 AM


J.W. Kencke
Igor... ...If I get a Hasselblad, does the model come with it? Probably not, eh? Well, no matter. I have always loved your work. Again, it is unique and wonderful.

igor another,,great shot,,,i never tire of your work,,publish a book,,,

Jay Weston
Another great shot! The framing, pose, background and hair covered face all add to the strange mood of this shot, almost as if the figure isnt real or is soul-less.

Jacek Gasiorowski
amazing beauty siren, tones, lighting and monument positioning is a mastering, very proffesional work, regards - 7/7

Angel Pena
I only like bad pictures. I don't like this one. So I'll punish you with a 77.

augustus augustya
beautiful wow beautifully carved like a mermaid perfect tones. i thoughtt if you arranged supporting elements is additional beauty

Julio Segura Carmona
JULIO SEGURA Una bella imagen,, con un bello encuadre,,,perfecta,,,6/6, un cordial saludo

Marek Miczka
Great photo apart from her feet they look terrible.

Igor Amelkovich

Michael Raddatz
Mermaid pose is gorgeous!

Marco Brivio
Extraordinary work in every aspect

Thorsten Jankowski
great mermaid!!

Ken Dibert
Excellent nude, done by a master of that art. 7/7

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Francesco Tonini
An excellent classic

frans hartman
really nice! I would have cropped from the top however. she looks so small now! But a very good picture, high quality and aesthetics: very good!!! 6/5

Jim Swenson
Igor, another great image.

Igor Amelkovich
But you see only legs make this photo.

Ed A
By far you are my favorite photographer. Another great pic in this series.

Paulo Marx
The best. What can I say? Simple the best. Sevens!!!!!!!!

Guy Barnard
6/6 mermaid

fred moore

Erik Pollom
Including so much of the wall was a good decision. It's got good texture and adds an almost cold element to the image when combined with the damp look of the model's hair.

nick kessler

Daryl Ashby
Lighting is everything as proven here. The lack of face leaves me to the intrigue of the photo. Well done, but I can't help but feel a little envy towards your craft.

Ján Hronský
Lovely .o)

Katya Lin
7/7 7/7

Gregor Schulz
just great. idea, composition, realization, technique. lovely. best regards, gregor

Konrad Brzozowski
looks like siren

Daniel Vinklar
simply beautiful!

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Outstanding photo!

Igor Amelkovich
Classical nakedness # 5 Studio

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