Fitness queen # 20

by Amelkovich Igor

fitness queen nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Sunday 9th of January 2005 10:31:52 AM


David McCracken
I am sure... I am sure she could break them! Larger chains are needed. A true Amelkovich photograph! Need I say more?

Rebecca van der Putt
Fitness Queen #20 Wow . . . just wow. Like this very much, and enjoy the tensions created for the viewer in the juxtapostion of soft breasts and athletic female form with the incredible strength and masculinity of her arms. Beautifully lit and printed - tension keeps on coming. Well done.

Aliosha Romero
Really really good as usual... ;-)

Steve Broyles
No chains damaged in this shot? Jeez

John Keiffer
I like that her arms and hands are dirty from the chain. Aside from that, I don't think there is anything much different from your other shots of her.

Tiina Haasma
super! 7/7

Igor Amelkovich
Fitness queen # 20 With chains

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