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by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Saturday 8th of January 2005 05:00:30 PM


Ken Dibert
Keep on dreaming, John!...This is a 7/7, I think.

Ken Dibert
Hmmm.......I just rated you a 7/7, someone else thought this photo merits a 2/3. One of us must be dreaming.........

Thomas Collins
John Dahli Excellent abstract of reality John! I can only imagine what your dreams must be like. :-) Wow - the ratings on this are all over the board.

John Peri
Thanks Thomas. Well that's great actually. What would be a little disappointing is if it was ignored!

mondiani .
I usualy prefer your photos from your manipulations but I must say you got something with this one. Excellent!

Sally Delacruz
Hello John, thanks for your kind reply. I know I was rude in what I wrote. Your nude portfolio are very good though and most of them were artfully done. Kudos to you. Kind regards to you.

Sally Delacruz
I like composition like this, not too obvious that loses the peak of an interest like most of your human factors,photos. For a while it's okay but after seeing so many you got immunized, as if you have been vaccinated,if you know what I meant. Yes, I know because I am from the opposite gender,a minority from most of your PN Critiquers. Lastly, all I've said are the results of seeing your portfolios and reading some of the critiquers respond. Is there any other portfolios similar to yours? Men. Thanks and I know it's your expressions being a human factor ( women) artist. I wonder what you do when all the women in the world becomes seasoned,in their eighties?

John Peri
How nice of you Sally, thank you for your courtesy. It's true that there is a lot of abuse also, so I do understand you. I just hope that you do not place me in that category.

John Peri
Hy Sally. You may have noticed that I also have an "older woman" portfolio too! Personally, I love women of all ages. I also photograph many older women, but they don't always want me to post their pictures on the net so you see less of them on my portfolio. That being said, since you have honoured me by looking at so many of my photos, you will have noticed then that the strongest supporters that I have are almost all women. Maybe they think that it is better to be portrayed with respect and admiration like I try to do than in other ways. I think that there should be some value judgment to your critic. Its not how many or who you photograph, but how you do it that counts. Best wishes, John ..... Oh, PS., I could never get vaccinated from the presence of any woman!

Ramon Martinez

You are very creatuve. Your exploration with the defromation of the body has not limits. This one is  a beautiful piece of art.

John Peri
For those that dream only ... I guess that I must irritate some of my good friends on PN from time to time, but I enjoy losing myself in this fantasy world ...we all dream don't we ... and our dreams sometimes take strange forms and shapes .. and these sometimes intermingle and change before we can register any precise image .... and then we try to reconstruct in our minds what we saw and felt during those precious moments .... and suddenly we are back to reality again .. and they are gone, only to return again the next time ..

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