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by Peri John

ab nudes portrait glamour artistic johnperi nude phot peri john

Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 8th of January 2005 12:13:52 PM


Mark Grant
This is a really interesting idea! I like the "bronze" ones particularly. Be interesting to see where these end up!

Mark Grant
I think it's great! Really striking nude, taken from a great angle. I see from your comment this is part of a series (which I now need to investigate) depicting nudes in the same way as statues. Nice idea though this image is so striking, in my view, as to make that irrelevant. I would be interested to see the lady in colour against the black background. I realize she wouldn't look like marble any more but I think it would be a nice image. Secondly, it may just be the resizing in the upload but to me it doesn't look razor sharp which I think it needs to be.

John Peri
and this one was changed to bronze ... both the above are copies and can be seen more clearly in the original file ..

John Peri
Thank you for your interest Mark. In this one, I actually tried to change the figure into a marble like texture ..

Aliosha Romero
Great but scary idea! ;-)

John Peri
Glad you like it Ged. I'm just playing around with forms.

Ged Murphy
a great pic

John Peri
Legs ... I understand that this series of pictures is not always popular, but I remain interested in presenting the human body as one would with parts of a marble statue ....

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