"A River House"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Saturday 8th of January 2005 02:17:43 AM


David McCracken
T/T And Helium takes another good pic. You haven't asked for a critique yet. That is good. It lets me be the first to comment! Brilliant! I don't have a photographic reply to this one! I wish I did!

Ken Beilman
Wils Fabulous shot. I love all the elements: the colors, the reflections, the perspective, the detail. I didn't know this was a composite until I saw the details. Seamlessly done. This is definitely a 7/7 by me.

Robert Marleau
wonderful photo Wilson,I'm always delighted when I look at your photos!

Howard Dion
River House This is image is outstanding!!!!! Wils, the composition, color, and subject matter of this particular image stands out as one of your best. One of your best. Okay, there is a statement. What I mean is this is best of the best...if such a thing is possible.

Carsten Ranke
7/7 ! A masterpiece - and a nice union of two countries.

Trevor Anderson
Love this composition! Your eye for it is quite wonderful.

Elsie Botha
Very good surrealistic photo!!

Razaq Vance
7\7 fantastic

A.K. Sircar
A photo-lyric.Beautiful composition, colours,and light. Heartiest congratulations.

Jan Olof Härnström
Painting Nice work with dual layer, from different parts of the world

Howard Vrankin
Your photos consistently come up as outstanding and each is unique. Sevens again!

Paula Grenside
Outstanding everything works perfectly: light composition, perspective.

Jay Patel
Very nicely done, Wilson.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Actually, again, I like some of your other reflections better (and, again, I seem to be in the minority). There just isn't anything about this image that "grabs" me.

J.W. Kencke
This is a painting. It's so rich and vibrant. I can smell the oil base. Great image.

Henri Manguy
Really a magnificent composition, just as the previous one. Excellent control of the depth and the exposure.

LIU Yuan
Wonderful Reflection is certainly your element and you've done it so well! The composition is great.

Yongbo Jiang
6/7 Will be perfect if the lily in the front is not cropped.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- I really like this one. I especially like the circular ripple. Beautifully composed. You should do a book- "Through the looking glass" with a collection of all your reflections. Or "Reflections on Reflections" LOL

Alex Mehl
fantastic! rich, alive. static and motion merge. 7/6.

Julio Segura Carmona
JULIO SEGURA Magnifico juego de luz, color y reflejos de cine,,, un cordial saludo,

Jos Van Poederooyen
Hi Wilson, I like the colors and comp. I like how we don't straight on to the lilly, makes it a little more demure.

alexandra rauh
7/7 This is Breath taking.What sometimes happened to me,if I looked at Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers.I know You have Your own Style,but it has the same Impact on me.

Francesco Martini
fantastic reflection!!!!!!!!

Tony Georgiadis
Great shot Wilson.

Ray Wei
Excellent One of your very best in my book. Great shot. Might want to clean up a little dust.

Colin Carron
Wonderful vibrant colours.

Philip Turner
Spectacular Wilson! This is even better when you get the image opened up! Detail, primary focus and the reflection all work so well together. You really are one of the most talented photographers on the site, I never tire of your images.

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, some adjectives to describe your photo - wonderful, brilliant, lovely, beautiful, striking, outstanding - what more can I say. Cheers, Sondra

Wim Ipenburg
7/7 Wilson, I love you(r work so much)!

Kim Slonaker
I'd be tempted to clone out those little specks - otherwise, this is so colorful and appealing, Wilson. I think I prefer it over the other shot.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all fellow PNers for your feedback. Appreciate them all very much. It's a union between reality and reflection, Europe (lillies) and Asia (reflection,) digital compact (A80 and DSLR (D70.) Thanks for looking. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback... Ladie and gents, really appreciate your feedback. I'm glad that most of you enjoy this. Thanks for taking the time. ^_^

Joe Orsak
Wilson, the color in the yellow flowers makes this shot. Nice. Stop by and comment.

Konrad Jacek Jedrzejczak
I like it , reg.

Howard Dion
Came back a second time to say I really like this image.

Kim Slonaker
Here I go and post a lizard shot just for you and you don't visit... :(

Scott Jenkins
Wilson, I must say I can not agree with all the above comments... Personally I think this is.... :-) OUTSTANDING, ...Creating drama, much like the shot does. It truly stands out. - Scott

Marta Eva LLamera
EXCELLENT (in all) Best WISHES!!!

Ada Ipenburg
Dear Wilson, Any comment to this beautiful picture is superfluous! 7/7 Best Regards, Ada

Alec Ee
7/7 Awesome colors and composition. Just like looking at slides. Wilson - you did it! Secrets to creating beautiful images to die for. ^_^

Allon Kira
7/7 wonderful, Wilson!! an excellent reflection comp. with great light and colors! Cheers, allon.

Wilson Tsoi
Marta, Allon, Ada, and Alec, Thanks for your taking the time to visit. Appreciate it. ^_^

Walter Tatulinski
Mysterious Hi WIlson. There sure is a lot of photography in this. Expanding concentric ripples traveling across liquid reflections from a mysterious house. Elephant-ear sized verdant pads floating along, with their companion flowers accentuating the beauty of nature. It is a great composition that strikes me with the unknown. Very nice photograph! Regards.

Edith Frederick
Congratulations on your deep image, Wilson! I am so glad I got to see it online and backlit. Your vibrant play of cyan, emerald, cobalt and orange is at once fresh and surreal against your inky waters. Since you brought these elements together -- a stone house wavering above watery foundations and water lilies fluorescing at the inscrutable surface -- you deserve to read the kindred description Thomas Mann makes of Pharaoh's daughter in his deep book, Joseph and His Brothers. 7/7

Daniel Hristescu
Fantastic composition . Good work , title and colors . Regards Dan .

Very beautifull...

CE Carrasco
A river house

OMG, it is soo beautiful, it would look great as a painting!  It seems surrealism and abstract at the same time.  I find the colors merge into ea other and create an image that is luminous and a little lugubrious.  Really lovely.  Congratulations!

Wilson Tsoi
"A River House," going through the motion . . . Travel, abstract, flower, etc., what category? Just going through the motion of RFC here. Thanks.

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