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Published: Thursday 6th of January 2005 02:23:12 AM


Regina Chayer
I love the detail, Wishing my digital shots looked this good. any tips?

Ben S
linda, what is your work flow? this is just exquisitedly rendered in terms of clarity, tones, colors. i just stare out it and i can't figure out how to do this myself. any tips? here or you can email me if you'd rather, bnsfr@aol.com. it cant all be the lens and the camera! i've tried with some quality stuff and i can't get this very easily at all.

Kim Slonaker
Great texture and detail. The warm colors help, too. Different and I like it.

Brad Kim
I like this... excellent composition with great details...!

Linda Keagle
Regina...my first day out with this inexpensive 3.2 megapixel camera. That's my tip ;-) Lou Ann....Happy New Year! Nice that you have a few minutes to spare now.... Hanna....Ha! And he dresses himself!!

Michael Chang
Ditto Kristin's remark except couldn't grow a beard if I tried, and wool makes me itch.:-)

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
What a fun shot!! The caption is a "must", too! :-)

Hanna Cowpe
Regina, first you have to find a guy with a beard, then you gotta get real close. Nice one Linda. Super detail and his dress sense isn't bad either.

kristin morales
great tones and textures...and have always been a sucker for wiskers and sweaters.

Linda Keagle
Kristin... Me too;-) Ben S....I will email you directly.

Philip Turner
Superb! Linda, I think your tripod slipped! All kidding aside, this is a lovely departure from the traditional headshot portrait! When I see this, I think I've gotten myself into a rut! Lovely capture and execution.

Sarah Underhill
Hey, I know that guy! Love this photo.....digital is addicting!

Jos Van Poederooyen
Nice concept.

Linda Keagle
Sarah...I know what you mean. Certainly the digtal image is clearer here than my scanned prints, but....I'm not giving up my AE-1! Jim...no slip here ;-) Jayme, of course I think it is sensual...but then again, he IS my husband ...sol David...I'm tall. Roger is taller Jos...nice to hear from you. Happy New Year!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I like this Linda, kind of sensual! LOL

David McCracken
May I ask? Is he tall or are you short?

Jim Trombley
Makes me think the camera slipped...........

Doug Hawks
What's so intriguing about this "portrait" is that I feel as if I can devine so much about the person from so little information...a leather jacket, white knit sweater with a shirt on underneath and a neatly trimmed beard. I guess this is what they mean by the value of simplicity. Great stuff. Regards, Doug.

Landrum Kelly
Have you noticed that, if you scroll slowly to the top of the page, it looks like Roger is slowly unzipping his jacket--or are you doing that, Linda? That is one fine-looking leather jacket.

Hans Koot
Used to have just such leather jacket. Wonder if Roger loves this eye level portrait :-) Without nonsense, I think you made a very good photo here, quite intriging.

Howard Dion
A very big double seven from me. This image screams tobe seen.

Landrum Kelly
Really nice, photo. Why hasn't your model commented? Can't you get him to go out in the cold up there?

Linda Keagle
A belated thank you to Kim, Philip, Brad, Michael, Doug, Howard, Hans....Don't have as much time to spend on PN lately. So fantastic though, this place. I know I can always find someone who can appreciate my point of view!

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Person in question.... Hey guys, there is some real neat stuff at the "Op shops" here in Yankeeland, and that is where I got most of these duds, the beard, well I have grown attached to that...and now the the important part, I look good because I am siting across from the cuitest lady on this or any other planet...Linda ! (Hey, not a bad shot for your first day out with the new "toy" !) :*)

Donna Albers
I guess you can consider this a still life even though your subject is still breathing. . . excellent tones and textures

Pnina Evental
I like the idea Linda, and execution.Well done. Pnina

Regina Chayer
I keep coming back to this one, it is becoming my favorite of all your postings. I think it is the very... well... I hate to say it but.. intimate feel to it. I swear I could reach out and touch the beard, and smell the suede of the jacket. I want to try a shot like this of my husband in his favorite green barn coat. I hope I can get half as good an image!

Leo Rossi
Great textural combination. There is something strongly symbolic in the way the image is cut.

David Cassidy
Exceptional image. Clearly a professional image in all respects. Love it.

Linda Keagle
Eye level.... The composition here is deliberate, focusing on form and texture. Comments appreciated.....

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