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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


James O'Neill
Do I need to say ANYTHING I mean, if you see my name here you know what I'm going to say I like, right ? :-)

John Peri
Thanks Chester, I did in fact try slanting it in different directions, and this is the one that accentuated what I wanted to highlight, but I appreciate your point of view.

Chester Nicholls
I like the atypical composition; swan like. The black boarder helps to exaggerate the crop. The composition also seems to enlarge her bottom, perhaps this does not flatter her figure.

John Peri
Thanks Jim. Many people can be a little cautious though about a photo that doesn't quite follow tradition .... I have selected here what to me is the most interesting part of the composition.

Robert Farnham
I was drawn to this right away because of its unorthodox perspective. It works very well for me. And from the looks of it, you've deviated from your usual bounced flash and given it the full multi-directional studio light treatment...very nicely done. Robert.

John Peri
Ah ... if only (this picture was taken outdoors) ... no, I only possess a flash and I'm very disenheartened in fact because I have a new Nikon SB 800 and it underexposes everything!

Angel Pena
A lot of creativity as usual. I love to see pics that defy tradition. Peri is a free man and I applaud him.

Sandeha Lynch

David Shelby
Another harvest from a imaginative photographer! Forever exploring the beauty of the Rose in the form of images posted! I can only wonder what next, for the year 2005? This photo is a example of the Art of capturing the free play of creativity!!!!!

John Peri
Thank you David, glad you like it.

David McCracken
Crops etc We sometimes have different views on crops etc. Our discussion would suggest this anyway. Let me not mince my words here. This is fan-brilliantly-tastic!

Rina H
What a crop - i love it.

John Peri
Thanks Rina, I too like to crop pictures ...

Detlef Klahm
great crop John !

Pam N
sensously surreal. almost doll-like yet suggests fertility. a lolita mentality at play?

John Peri
You are psychic Pam, how did you chose the same model yet again .. that's three times now.

Tanya Truong
So graceful...i love it. It's one of those artwork that can hang-up on the wall to add warmth and beauty to a home. Warm regards, Tanya.

John Peri
Tanya, if you send me your address, I would be proud to send you a copy. I just hope that i can find the original in large format as it is an old photo now ...

Tanya Truong
Still my favorite :o) Would love to have a copy of this photo to hang on my wall, John :o).

Rudolf Kartelin
Very nice

Art Xanthopoulos
one of the finest image presentations of the female form I have seen. your level of cropping and composition are brilliant here

Sonia Mason
I love the shape she is creating with her body. I love the way you have accented it with this crop. Very beautiful and unique

Sweid Sideris
I still wandering your vast work trying to catch just a bit of your knowledge for myself, but let me tell you that this is simply a masterwork in every senses. Brilliant!

Antonio Bassi

Something new and fresh here, with your usual beautiful softness. I am looking at proportions and the lower area seems a touch exaggerated.

Devoid Atelier

I really like the acute cropping here, which emphasizes the abstract forms around the model and inside of her form, it creates a collection of sensual flowing lines.

John Peri
Profile .. .. A selection of body lines ..

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