by Tsoi Wilson

imperfection seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 31st of December 2004 08:32:36 AM


Colin Carron
Impressive! You clearly know how to make the camera automation jump through the right hoops!

Paul Blouin
Thanks for this photo! This is just beautiful! How tall was the water lily? Was this all done w/ available light?

Robert Marleau
this is a great one Wilson, I wish you a very happy new year

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all . . . Thanks for all your valuable feedback, and Happy New Year to all. As for the meaning, it sort of reflects my sentiment about one (mostly myself) not able to help much with the Tsunami disaster, thus "Imperfection." Apologize if it's confusing. Really glad that there has been a great outpour of generosity from all over the world to help with relief efforts. David, indeed your lotus is a, "perfection." Nice one, bud, and glad that you weren't around the impacted region. All, be well. ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I like the perspective view and the composition. This is truly Wilson! Wonderful placement of the lily in the frame. Only nit pit is the near blown highlight on the temple (?) and it is just a nit pick! LOL

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, I like the perspective, the cold stone building and the soft flower go well together. Happy New Year, Sondra

Howard Dion
Read the comments looked at the image and still don't get the title?. Maybe I need to finish my morning coffeet then it will come to me.

David McCracken
Nice but....... I love the angle of this and I do appreciate the effort that you put into getting this shot. For me the shadows inside the flower are a distraction.

I was going to comment on the DoF but after looking at it I am not sure myself if it needs more, less or it is just right.

This is 'Nice' Wilson but it it is not your best. However, not being your best still makes it pretty good.

You can view a more perfect sample here.

Ken Beilman
Background is out of focus to just the right degree to discern what it is but still make the flower pop out. Very nice work, Wils.

Wilson Tsoi
"An Imperfection," of a water lilly . . . "An Imperfection," of a water lilly . . . and all of us. I welcome your feedback and thank you for your time.

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