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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Thursday 30th of December 2004 10:10:27 PM


David McCracken
Experimentation! John, I realise you were experimenting here but I am not sure I understand what you were trying to achieve. It is a little worrying for me but I am lost for words.

Giuseppe Miriello
while wandering around hi, i was just wandering around the site and drop into your pic. I must admit that is difficult to approach a genre of picture i am not used to shot but i would like to draw some considerations: 1. body shape is armonious and the pose is fluid, i can travel with eyes trough the pic without being disturbed. 2. the composition is intresting to me: body starts from the right left corner but (not obviously) doesn't goes down the down right c., it just end up over the lowest third (really cool). 3. the shadow on the neck... i actually like it even if i don't know if it is really a shadow or it as ben drown out using ps; anyway it recalls me of ancient greeks statues. even if many people feel offended or are unintrested in nude pictures, these are an evolute form of expression, no margin of error whatsoever, anything little could disturb such image. I will take my time to walk through your portfolio, i am sure i will find many pics to tangle my immagination with. thanks for sharing with us giuseppe

Joe Weisbrod
This photo would make an interesting ad for a high-heeled slipper.

John Peri
Thanks Guiseppe and welcome to Photo net.

John Peri
David,I replied to you in detail on the previous photo of this series that you commented on. ... I appreciate that some may not like it, I guess others do. One of these experiments is published full page in the january 05 issue of PHOTO .. maybe they like innovation.

thomas breazeale
Wow!From a technical standpoint a superb image and the tones on the body are sublime John.It is disturbing(which I like)but I am not sure if it is because it is so out of character for you or because of the surreal implications.I think if you wanted to turn this shot into a more traditional image try cropping at the apex of her right shoulder and tell me what you think.I like it either way...

John Peri
Body parts cont .... 2 In a series of close-ups ...

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