by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 30th of December 2004 05:40:54 PM


Alex Barnes
Charismatic and charming indeed - she's lovely! Take my comment with a grain of salt since my laptop screen is hardly calibrated, but maybe there could be more detail in her coat. Who cares, though...I'm a sucker for a beautiful woman!

John Peri
No, unfortunately you are right Alex, but it's a black coat taken with bounce flash ......

John Peri
That's over generous, but it's always pleasing to hear that someone likes your work. Thank you.

Thomas Collins
Very nice John. She has a great smile!

Angel Pena
Something cool happens when you look at her waist...i love visual lies. Bravo as usual, Peri. Nice model, "shoot her to death".

fred moore
Hi John:I must say you have beautiful consistant work here. I lovee it, you are a great inspiration to the photo world. Fred Moore

John Peri
Overcoat 1 I may have removed this from an earlier posting, but I would like to return it as it is for me representative of how frontal nudity can be both charming and charismatic, without being offensive in any way.

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