by Tsoi Wilson

pastel seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 30th of December 2004 10:44:41 AM


Don Miller
... thus proving you're a true Craftsman. ;-)
Very pleasing, full of subtle details rewarding the viewer.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Very melancholy, love the reflection. I like it, a softer side to Wilson! LOL

Howard Dion
This does not look or feel like one of your images. My guess is this image represents the softer side of Wilson. Very nice indeed.

Kim Slonaker
I don't know...seems a little faded to me. I like the overall composition, but it's lacking "punch". No offense, Wilson. I'd be interested to see other versions.

CR: Wilson goes pastel. A good try! (I still like the motive more than the "pastel-quality".) HAND, RE

Ken Beilman
Wils Would agree with Howard; I'd never guess this was one of yours. Nice display of your versatility, my friend. Soft pastel look is quite appealing.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your kind feedback. I just thought of doing something a little softer. ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Sorry to arrive so late to this one. I really like it. It is certainly different than your typical uploads, but I like this softer look. Your choice of filters works well with this subject matter. The colors and shades are great. Very nice work!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Lou Ann. Just trying the, "Softer Side of Sears." ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Window in Pastel," works for you? Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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