Kaunertal 360 degree panorama

by Dupin Eric

kaunertal degree panorama seeking critique dupin eric

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Published: Wednesday 29th of December 2004 08:49:45 PM


Ricardo Trindade
Hi Eric, Very nice photo. The view must have been superb! ;) I like the stitched result. Can you share some details of how it was done (software, etc)? Thanks, and regards.

Eric Dupin
Thank you Ricardo ! In fact, I just work with Photoshop Element 1 without using any panorama tool. Some software can be usefull but, if you have to put together 12 pictures, it's better to do it manually (cropping exactly, color ajustment, distorsion correction....) This view is now up to my main window appartment: 1M80 long...

Fabio Ficola
Wow Very good stitching work, The overall view is stunning. Best regards. Fabio

Rock Scott
Eric, Nice job on the pano. They have become one of my favorite type of photos to take. Even with a digital camera, there is so much setup involved to get a good finished product.

This pano is very well done. Getting a good exposure in all the pictures - especially on a 360 is very hard. Im always interested in others work-flow and techniques. If your interested, I will let you know how I go about doing a panorama project.

The rest of your portfolio is very good also. Nice work


link to one of my panoramas: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=2996588

J. Boudreault
Nice work! 7-7

Eric Dupin
Thank you for comment and rating Yes, it is a 360 degree panorama taken from a summit of Austria (12 pictures manually put together). Please see it larger.

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