by Soini Hannu

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Published: Tuesday 28th of December 2004 07:45:12 PM


Aimar Fraga
I like it more than the other for the composition. The color and texture is just almost perfect (in my opinion, of course), and I like that creates a very special and mysterious atmosphere, like a textonic music rythm... Congratulations

Hannu Soini
Thank You ! Thank You Aimar and Vamsi for your kind comments. All the best !Hannu

Chantelle Melzer

True.... i have also been considering getting a digital microscope so that i can get snapshots of smaller creatures etc....(some organisms and structures are just spectacular under the microscope..... especially under a stereo-microscope!)....  

Chantelle Melzer

Something completely different..... almost looks like a microscope slide

Hannu Soini
thank You Chantelle!

for kind commenting. There is lots to photograph when the cold comes. This is just by the lake shoreline after a cold night when the water has been moving. There has been some air trapped under the first thin ice layer doing these formations. Just like you describe, when you are placing a thin glass over the item (and some air gets in between) you are  about to look through your microscope. This is just bigger - Macro-. Microscope photography would be nice to do while placing something cold to freeze the sample:) Would produce one interesting set of photos. I was trying to get one old Zeiss scope with appropriate tubes, but then someone bought that away- and the the project is on Ice;) lol br Hannu


Hannu Soini
Dear Chantelle!

I share the idea, - stereo microscope would be nice, however even the Zeiss I was looking for was "buy in present condition" i.e. the service, if necessary would cost a lot of money. So, one would have to be really sure what to buy. If you ever come across a reasonable price microscope suitable (would have to be Leica or Olympus or "tailor made" connection ring) for normal or stereo capabilities drop me a line:) Br Hannu

Hannu Soini

You are right- they are costly- but I if you find even a suitable scope for any camera - that is valuable information,  so please let me know. (finding one was not easy when I tried- that few years ago- but things change..)

I know some people who have such microscopes where they work and have got the permission to use them after proper guidance of  those who work with them. 


Chantelle Melzer

The main problem i have with the microsope situation is the price.... i would love to get hold of one, especially for my studies.... unfortunately being a student is quite costly..... but hopefully someday...

(i'll contact you if i happen to find anything though)

Hannu Soini
Icerings 2 Iceringformation close to the shore after cold night. Please view also larger. Comments and feedback are appreciated as always.

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