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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Tuesday 28th of December 2004 07:05:25 PM


Mark Grant
I preface this by saying that I haven't been doing this long enough to know what I'm talking about. However, reading your comment I would like to offer my opinion. I think it's relatively obvious that there is no right or wrong crop. However, I think some people are looking for peace in an image and others are looking for excitement. If you are in the mood for a peaceful image, the crop above disturbs it, distracting the viewer from following the beautiful curves, contrasts and what is nearly a very subdued and gentle mood. However, if you are in the market for something more dynamic, perhaps challenging and definately interesting, the above crop works very well. This shot is interesting because it it is nearly a great example of both. It is plainly a beautiful shot of a beautiful model, we can all see that but maybe the opinions you get depend on which of the above two categories, the viewer belongs too at the time they view the picture.

Angel Pena
Some people say "it's a crop but its ok"... or "nice crop" and I don't understand them...the image is there and we must try to understand the photographer,... what is he trying to sell? he wants to bend a "rule"? wants to show texture, or color or a shape? I find this picture very attractive and sexy. Bravo again, Peri.

John Peri
Well thank you Angel! I'm just a little disappointed by your comment David, especially coming from someone that is himself so often innovative in his approach. So, should one include everything that is of potential interest to a photo? Cannot the fact that one may be intrigued by what lies beyond be a further element of attraction in the photo per se (and I certainly don't mean the foot in this case!). I really think that we must occasionally break away with convention, and look at the content of an image as an entity of it's own, otherwise we put too much emphasis on what is predictable or expected which can end up becoming a little boring. This whole file (Nude Figure Studies) is filled with bits and pieces. Some may find a few of these pleasing on their own, others not, which I can certainly understand. The point however is to look at the forms, shapes and patterns that they form, irrespective of the whole to which they belong.

Julia von Lippe
I like this shot. Nice skintones. Works well in B&W.6/6

David McCracken
Sometimes! Sometimes when we crop out what is bad, we also crop out what is good. This young lady's face is certainly good and does not deserve to be cropped out. I am sure her right foot and toes are nice too!

David McCracken
My comment! John, Sorry to hear that you were a little disappointed. I was not trying say what is right or wrong. My comment was only a statement of my preference when cropping and is only related to this picture. Angel is correct. Also, I cannot argue with your reply. I realise that my comments should ONLY be about the photographic merit of the picture however, when a subject is as lovely as this, isn't understandable that I should want to see more?

John Peri
I am only disappointed with your analysis David, not with you. Once again, this photo is a bad example that does merit criticism. Maybe the last posting in this series more representative of what I am trying to do? Sometimes we forget that a whole is composed of an illimited number of parts, each of which in varying mixtures can merit attention on their own with regards to shape, form, texture and even abstraction on occasions, and not only in close up. This is certainly not an original remark. Anyway, glamour is one objective certainly, but so is expression. Happy New year.

John Peri
Reclining nude cont .... Why does one crop a picture? In order to accentuate a special feature or to remove another which distracts? It may also serve to create a pattern or form which is pleasing to the viewer. One can also move an image to abstraction and why not, is the only purpose of photography to record what we see anyway with our own eyes? I am not convinced that I chose the best picture within the file to bring up this point, there are 30 others or so here, but it would be very interested in your views on this subject.

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