Fitness queen # 19

by Amelkovich Igor

fitness queen nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 28th of December 2004 10:28:59 AM


Bill Keaton
Very nice composition of angles and curves. The contrast is striking. My only suggestion would be to tone down the hot spot on the near breast. Its brightness draws my eye back to that spot and does not let me roam and enjoy the remainder of the photograph.

Francesco Favretto
Statuaria ma sempre poco femminile

Giedrius Neturiauskas
̭堭�ࢨ��ࠪઠ�� å²® 䥫ॸ� í® í¥­ï¿½à¢¨ï¿½ï¿½à ¸ï¿½î ²ï¿½ 䥫ॸ�, å²® í¥ æ¥¹å­ 

David McCracken
Yes Sir! If I photographed this woman I would be afraid to get it wrong! I see you didn't!

Brad Kim
Excellent job, Igor...!!!

fred moore

Jerry Hagan
Scary and beautiful at the same time. Excellent capture.

Reza Shadpay
only this one! from all of your nude photos, I like just this one, 20/20

Igor Amelkovich
Fitness queen # 19 Studio

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