Dangerous games # 4

by Amelkovich Igor

dangerous games nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 24th of December 2004 11:47:17 AM


Juan F. Jimenez
ouch does that hurt

David McCracken
The great divide! The great divide!

Olli Pekonen
What can you say... Yes, it is a great photo... I especially like model's left hand that is perfectly balanced... the nails glow magically.

Kevin Greggain
Ouch.. but I love the tone and pose in the pic.. Tell her to be careful.

Vlad Gansovsky

James O'Neill
Should be popular with any Freemasons here.... :-)

Efraim Sanchez Gil Morente
Fantastic shoot. Congratulations!

Pioles Cramponis
Nice shot!

fred moore
silicone accident waiting to happen lol

Joe Weisbrod
One must always pause and reflect upon what it is that your mind is forcing you to see when you view an image such as this. I see a lovely female holding a compass. One of the points of the compass is poking at her own breast. My mind can not determine why, but I can only hope that she has not penetrated the epidermal layer.

Naveen N
Nooo...she's gonna kill herself with that thing...;)

Ryan Addis
Igor u have an individual style. I no longer need to look for a name your pictures are instantly recognisable. 7/7

Tristan Laing

Steve Broyles
the texture in the hair is great (as is the model).

Igor Amelkovich
Dangerous games # 4 Prickly subjects.

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