Naked with subject # 7

by Amelkovich Igor

naked with subject nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 21st of December 2004 11:40:27 AM


Angel Pena
Nice comp. Wonderful texture comparison. You keep rocking. Bravo !

Neil D.
She's after some very large nuts?! ;-)

David McCracken
If I need a plumber! Classic Amelkovich! Wonderful! If I need a plumber can I call her out?

Michael Börm
still great. I like your style to photograph very much. Yours are the best pictures I've ever seen. Regards Michael

what does one have to do with the other?

Paulo Marx
7/7 wonderful!!! I like the passage of tones. Since in Brazil I don't know Fomapam film, I'm astonished with the result. This film is developed by yourself? Congratulations

Jim Swenson
Igor, another great image.

David Bradley

Kevin Greggain
Just love it.. tone is great.. love the big wrench.. Good pose.. don't mind a bit the face is not showing.. this is a great shot.

Igor Amelkovich

Randy Bray
Wench with a Wrench Nice composition. I like it when there is a contrast of subjects, why on earth would a nude woman want to be lugging around a huge wrench that she could barely lift? Adds to the enigmatic tone of the photo and to the whimsy as well.

William Garrett
You are the master of the impersonal nude. Well done. I love the feel of the very masculine steel wrench against the soft feminine body.

Igor Amelkovich
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