Red, White and Blue

by Patel Jay

red white and blue canon eos d other ef l se patel jay

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Category: Nature

Published: Tuesday 21st of December 2004 01:48:59 AM


Stefano Cavallucci
6/6 I definitely like it!

Hannu Soini
6/6 Very nice photo! Salt tends to form octagones which this looks like a sea about to freeze... How much of the green is real and how much is PS? Anyhow Congrats!

Fred Jacobs
Nice color contrasts!

Lisa Grant
I agree. it looks like a frozen sea. In reality it's still a lonely place... but, beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

Umair Ghani
7/ 6 fantastic vision of a gifted artist.

A.K. Sircar
The Greatest Artist created this magnificient scene and you were lucky to behold and capture that moment for eternity. Thanks for sharing such a splendid image with us.Heartiest congratulatulations.

Jesús Pizarro
7/7 Impressive landscape, fiction seems to be extracted of a movie of science. Surprising the colors of the sky. A greeting.

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Excellent light, colors, and composition!

Carsten Ranke
7/7 The same spot near Badwater, right ? Great example to show us how much the sky and light affect a scene. And interesting that you chose a longer focal length (as in "Leading Lines"). I am sure I would have shot as wide as possible here. But you got an excellent result, another masterpiece ! Congrats, Carsten

Jay Patel
Thank you all!!

Thank you all for taking time to comment on my photograph.

Carsten: There was a good reason to use a longer lens for this one. The colors in the sky were localized to a particular area. So, the composition and the focal length of the lens were selected to place the horizon just above so as to fill the sky in the photograph with colors and still maintain good textures and details of the salt flats.

Rajeev Thomas
Unique title Jay !! And the photograph too, your choice of lens makes sense too.I know it is a great, expensive you have got a definite winner.Colors, composition are great!! 7/7

Igor Laptev
Amazing colors!

Damjan Voglar
Like the colour, my regards.

Suresh Randadath
Refreshing to see very different colour combinations here. Very interesting landscape and lighting. Well done.

Hans Koot
Top shot Jay. other planet?

kristin morales
such unusual nothing I have ever seen. I love to travel through your photographs and escape some of the flatness my surroundings offer...this is a bit like visiting another planet. you have such a keen eye and an intuitive sense of composition. I love the bio update as well...eloquently stated.

Marc Adamus
7/7 I really enjoy how the stark desert floor is rendered a cool blue. The textures are excellent as well and create depth, leading into the vibrant sunset colors above. Awesome!!!

Mario Lopez
Great image! All looks like perfect,I like the sensation that cause look this image, simply solitude,the color fantastic and the contrast amazing. I don't have any doubt 7/7.Greetings

Jay Patel
Red, White and Blue

It was my last day at Death Valley and as I stood alone on the salt flats looking north, I did not expect much due to heavily overcast skies (which are rather rare in Death Valley). But, I was rather surprised by this sudden burst of colors in the clouds. The light only lasted for few minutes and then disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

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