Funeral for a friend

by Wick Chris

funeral for a friend seeking critique wick chris

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Published: Monday 20th of December 2004 08:57:15 PM


Darien Hewett
Aesthetics... a 7, what a beautiful way to capture the moment. Originality... a 7, finding a way to be original is always the hardest part I think, and with flowers they have been shot every which way! I think this is an Original Perspective on flowers.

Chris Wick
Thank you all for your kind comments - vey much appreciated

Marta Eva LLamera
Excellent image. (sad title... Hugs)

Sergei Sogokon
So emotional! Regards.

Tomasz Pluciennik
6/7 Excellent idea. Beautiful picture.

Tony Marable
nice colors off this glass

Bob Kurt
7-7 Fantastic photo!

Sandy Anderson
Chris, what a beautiful foto. I really appreciate your taking it for your friend. Heaven must be something like this. Sandy

Ewa Czuchry
7&7 no words

Ektor Coughanour
7/7 Excellent!!!!!!...Saludos.

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Elena Platonova

Mari Mar
Wonderful, Christ, very nice composition!

Emad abdulmotaleb
very artistic 7/7....nothing else to say

al Farrob
Just a 7/7

Joan Mateu I Font
Realmente original

Nova Storm
7/7 Guessing the above answered your question.

Henri Manguy
This is a beautiful idea to shot theses flowers behind the window, with the condensation which makes like tears.

Stanisa Martinovic
Beautiful artistic photo, Chris! Double 7 for art! Yours, S.M.

Lars Brorson Fich

Kim Slonaker
Very, very nice. The only minor distraction is the streaks on the far left side. They aren't as apparent on the right side of the composition. Very nice effect.

Regina Chayer
Excellent work! Wish I had taken it!

Gul Chotrani
Creative way of looking at color...

Steve Kay
Beautiful work Chris, very emotional. May work even better if you were to present it in a soft coloured mount. Colours are perfect. 7/6

Tom Sperduto
I love a beautiful photo with a touch of sad. This photo has a quite, I remember feel. It almost feels as if the shutter was very quite when done.

Shea Riggenbach
This is a really interesting idea/composition. It just pulls you in.

Daniel Hristescu
It is fantastic , congratulations . Regards Dan .

diana lallbi
i like your shot chris ..that's really romantic way for take pic and that's like paint.. thanks for share ..God bless for your friend,.. best regards..

Chris Wick
Funeral for a friend I noticed this in a local florists window - please let me know what you think, how to improve it. Thanks

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