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by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Monday 20th of December 2004 05:51:08 PM


Allan Hogan
Hi John I prefer the a strange way the "altered" photo draws more attention to the genitals and I think that is what causes you some angst. I certainly wouldn't worry about what others might say...let poor David McCracken carry all the weight on his shoulders!! Allan Hogan

Michael Sebastian
concept yes, execution ? John: I think you are on to something here, with further effort and tweaking. I like the ?bronzing effect and I think it would make a fine decorative graphic-arts image. Can you put it on the wall? Depends on what wall, of course, and whether visitors seeing it are offended by full frontal female nudity showing crotches, and furthermore, whether you care if they are. Nice work, as is everything of yours I've seen here. this model is especially beautiful to look at, as rendered by your eye and hand. I'd appreciate your thoughts on my rather scant (for now) portfolio. I have a ways to go....

John Peri
I don't have to try it, the original picture is what I worked from! In my view however, it's a little too revealing. The point is do you put on the wall? This is a very simple approach, but is it abstract enough to render the nudity more acceptable? I won't leave this here long, but I would be interested in your feedback. Thank you.

Aguiar Thierry
Hi John! I like the effect, but I'm not sure it fits with this picture (?) Concerning the photo itself, I think the head is too much centered. Thierry

John Peri
Testoni, I have certainly filtered the picture but not "solarized" it, but thanks for the comment. Indeed Allan, I think I will have to try to blend the drape into the lower part of the body which may soften the image.

Jose Manuel Paredes
would be it better without filters?, please try it.

John Peri
The original

Pat Merz
hm... I like the original image MUCH better ... I also use digital image processing a lot on my images, but somehow, I'm hesitant in your case, when it comes to nudes. Why not leave the natural beauty of your subjects as it is, without altering it? In my opinion, your nudes are very good, your processed files are not so very good...

John Peri
Thank you, I appreciate your opinion. As I said above, one reason is that I am sometimes concerned that a picture is too frank. Another is simply because the models enjoy having an image that is decorative and can be shown more largely ... I almost forgot .. I also like to have fun!

Bob Slater
Beauty is in the Eye?? I FAR prefer the original, natural image to the enhanced, processed one! ...and I'd much rather hang the original on MY WALL, too, but then I am not so easily offended by magnificent images of beautiful women, either :-) But YOU have BOTH IMAGES, so you do as YOU PLEASE, which is the roll of the artist (or is it the roll of the craftsman--I forget?) Bob

fred moore
neat technique

Testoni Massimo
I think that if you want to solarize a picture, this must be more essential in the lines, otherwise the effect you obtain doesn't look armonical at all. In this case there are too much details in the background. Try to work it out on the same picture.

Dave Henri
effect John, I like both images. It's your art so do as you will. I like a little abstract in nudes. I don't think your processing compromises the original at all. Good work.

John Peri
Nude on staircase .. My own contribution is very elementary at this stage, but I am really interested in the prospect of using photography to create graphic decorative images ..

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