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Published: Saturday 18th of December 2004 02:31:43 PM


Alex Robert
Powerfull pose ! Very nice silouhette , great tones and details ! Perfect !

George Henson
Shadow relief Igor, You have the best nudes on this site in my opinion both from your unusual poses, the props used and positions and certainly your expertise with your camera, but this would be better if the shadow was eliminated. Also Igor your taste in women is unsurpassed. My compliments.

Daniel Mejias
Great pose and composition! Excelent work.

David W. Good
Leaving her faceless makes this a much bolder pose than if we were able to see her. Very strong emotion here and again the facelessness increases that effect. Well done!

Thomas Collins
Would love to see a similar pose with her face exposed. Time to uncover the mystery here!

Jon Latifi
any face would have made this excellent. just eyes, or just lower face.

Al Li
Stunning, the pose is sexy and very powerful. Your strong and well executed lighting is instantly recognizible.

Stefan Rohner

Zack Peck
Flawless A strong pose of a stunning model in excellent light. Not much else to say. Another one of your excellent images which carriey your typical handwriting. Regards Zack

Steve Broyles
the contrast in texture between the rugged wall and the silky smooth skin. Love it. Not sure about the hidden face, I can't seem to get away from the impression that her head is turned around backward like an owl.

Adara Schwartz
I read this differently. It looks like a study in grotesqueness. Her feet are painfully positioned. Her fake breasts stand out uncomfortably in contrast of her skeleton ready to pierce the skin just below the implants and just to picture left of between her legs. The hair covering her face almost suggests that her head is on backwards. Her body and the way it's posed is truly a study of the unnatural. The stark wall holding her up lends its voice, as well.

Igor Amelkovich
Unrestrained. Simply fire.

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