untitled nude seeking critique

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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Marco Giardini
7/7 i love this picture and i love the model. Despite the age, she shows a high self knowledge and the shot also demnostrate the ability of the photographer. One of your best! .oesse.

Daniel Mejias
Hello John, Extremely surreal portrait, I love it. It makes you think why she has put herself in said situation. Very unique.

Bjorn Moback
Dear John, That was the answer I was hoping for... I hate cruelty towards animals.

Bjorn Moback
Dear John, a beautiful lady, which obviously often is out in the sun.... but what is that in front of her? A dead lizzard? Hej bjorn

John Peri
No, it was alive.

Bob Kurt
A nice work.

W J Gibson
great photo and Merry Christmas

John Peri
Thank you. You too.

Brad Kim
Very nice.....

John Peri
Portrait of a Lady .. In the series of the study of the older model ....

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