by Soini Hannu

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Published: Saturday 18th of December 2004 01:22:44 AM


Angel Pena
One 2/2 and one 3/3 at the time... the system needs rethinking... If I don't like a pic i'll not rate it... Well, this is a very good pic. It has attitude, creative color and grain manipulation, and the most important thing: the whole message is graphically clean and clear.

Hannu Soini
Thank You ! Thank you for a true an honest opinion! I agree that the system should correct the rating. The rating alltogether should not aim to a certain mean value or avg. I also agree that if I do not like a pic -i do not rate it. If I give rating below 3 or 4 I normally comment it- and then the pic has obvious faults of technical nature. Well, we are here to discuss and share and everybody has right to express herself/himself -even if it done without arguments. However, maybe there should be more stylish ways for all of us at the photo.net;)

Hannu Soini
In the Forest Contemplation.. Comments and feedback are wellcomed.

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