"Only a Reflection"

by Tsoi Wilson

only a reflection seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 16th of December 2004 02:38:50 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Mirror 4x . . . Thank you all so far for your feedback. Appreciate them all. Yes, this is manipulated (please do check tech detail.) Always glad to share in case somebody wants to know (pardon me if you already know ^_^.) Here's the original. Howard, you can do it.These are the steps . . .

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Now your're making me laugh! Is that Howard in the boat? LOL I like the way the one man is turning to look! You're so creative! What an imagination! Nicely done!

Andrea Endisch
the way you mirrored the reflection makes it look like a carpet, in this context like a flying carpet?

Pitman Lee
Wahh! i got a long ways to go to achieve your standard. Very good. :0)

Ken Beilman
Wils You are on a creative roll. Love it!

David McCracken
Cheering us up for Christmas! Oh dear Wilson! You are such a wiz with a camera I wondered why oh why would you post all these PS creations. Don't get me wrong. They are good. I think the answer must be that you are cheering us all up for Christmas! Thanks!

Amit Shah
intresting idea.. but doesnt look original to me.. is it manipulated? Anyways, idea is good!! 5/6

mark chamberlain
Very cool

Dmitry Mozzherin
I like the original better from the artistic point of view, but I like a your idea and implementation a lot, funny!

Wilson Tsoi
Match and merge as needed . . . Merge as needed. Here's one going different direction . . .

Wilson Tsoi
Cleaned up and added some splashes . . . Clean up, and add some splashes . . . Lou Ann, I guess I did get a little carried away, but heck, got to be well rounded, right? Have to balance natural images with some PS stuffs, no? David, have to say this is a lot more fun during dreary winter days up here in this corner of the country. Hope it did cheer you up, wherever you are now! ^_^

Howard Dion
I do not know how to do composites to make wonderful images like this one. Wish I could learn then I too could WOW the pants off people like me who say, wish I could do that!

Marina Cano
Magic and creative.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Yeah - you got carried away here ... but it's a lot of fun anyway! :-D Are you going to share the original images with us?

Julio Segura Carmona
JULIO SEGURA Un EXCLENTE TRABAJO.. perfecta la luz y encuadre,, felicidades,,, un cordial saludo.

Pitman Lee
yea but can you discribe how you got the idea in the 1st place LOL. technical i can do, ideas... blah.. empty. :0/

Wilson Tsoi
Original tourist shot . . . Select subject matter . . .

Wilson Tsoi
Various transforms . . . Distort, cut, paste, flip, etc. as you like . . .

Tony Georgiadis
Very original Wilson.

Kim Slonaker
A magic carpet ride? Fun image, Wilson, and very imaginative. I love using PS as much as taking "normal" pictures.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Kim and Tony for checking this out. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Those crazy Dutch canals . . . "Don't worry, it's only a reflection," said Grandpa . ^_^ . . . Here's the original .

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