by Tsoi Wilson

lines seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Thursday 16th of December 2004 02:35:25 AM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Whoa! What a perspective view point! I like the steel blue gay overtones! Well done!

Ken Beilman
Great perspective and lines with unusual lighting.

mark chamberlain
Pretty impressive lighting and angle!

Filip Pizlo
Now this is cool. Very interesting angle. I like it a lot.

Sacha De Carlo
Very original & eye-catching composition, congrats! Cheers, Sacha :) 6/6

Jean Pierre Romeyer
Very interesting graphic composition with beautiful light, colours and clouds idealy placed...well done!

Howard Dion
Works for me as is. I like the perspective.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Great perspective!! The mathematician in me really eats stuff like this up ... all those beautiful lines and angles. :-) Great work ... hope your neck is okay after this one. ;-)

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. Kim, it's Erasmusbrug, nickname, "Swan Bridge" in Rotterdam. My other photo of the same bridge is here. Just thought I needed to add one normal, non-crazy stuff in to the mix. ^_^

Kim Slonaker
I like the perspective, too. Amazing no lens flare, since it looks like the sun is behind the whatever-the-heck-it-is.

Wilson Tsoi
"Lines," does this work for you? Thanks for your feedback.

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