Fitness queen # 17

by Amelkovich Igor

fitness queen nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 15th of December 2004 04:41:33 PM


Miguel Merino
Fantastic. Alex your work is really outstanding. I reaaly know the difficulties of working with the human body, but you and your models are creating a obligatory reference work for all of us, models and photographers involved in this kind of artisitc work. congratulations.

Rakesh M
Very good picture. Nice pose and nice lights and shadows. Very creative 6/6

Pamela Edwards
I like this model the best. She is always a pleasure to look at: her shape, her muscularity, her skin and her whole body tone. You have done a great job of capturing her fascinating body. I bet she is pleased?

Too muscular.

Tammy V.
The lighting is just exceptional. Fantastic!

Christopher Appoldt
Is it just me, or she getting bigger in ever photo session!? Fantastic lighting job, great composition - this series is working out very well!

Igor Amelkovich

Kenneth Car
Your work is really beautiful!

Thorsten Jankowski
great capture, great tones, great picture. you are an idol for me

william wilczewski

Don Marks
"Too Muscular" For what???She looks great to me.

Angel Pena
This is excellent. It is perfectly lit and posed. Everything lower than 5 in ridiculous... I just can't believe a person without understanding of what is happening here DARES to rate this pic. I don't rate landscapes nor flowers because I don't have a deep understanding of the category. So guys, lets be supportive, not just smartasses who give out a low rating and run away.

Chris Womack
STUPENDOUS !!! High Igor, Powerfull pose, very, VERY, good lighting, (The "weaker" sex ?) - doubtful. Best regards, Chris

Martino Balestreri
...eccellente! la luce che rende la plasticita... una scultura perfetta! Ciao.

subhadip choudhury
I like her muscles.

Kevin Greggain
Scary muscles, but great image.. Love the lighting .. tone and pose is great.

Olivier Boireau
Your style is so particular to you. I like it a lot.

Chilly Willy B
i love it!! she holds the "power of a woman" but still holds the gentle softness! well done!

Igor Amelkovich
Fitness queen # 17 Studio

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