by Soini Hannu

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Published: Sunday 12th of December 2004 11:12:40 PM


Drew Bayless
!!!! !!

Hannu Soini
thank you for commenting! This is a very special place in many respects. Wintertime it serves as a shelter for small rodents as there is lots of big rocks and grass beihind the rocks on the left. Hares and foxes, deers and elks visit there regularly year around. Behind the area where the frosted canes are (they appear like this after every frosty night when the humidity is high during daytime) there is swampland where the swans and other interesting birds nest (grey stork) etc. I am glad you enjoyed the photo:) BR Hannu

Hannu Soini
Canes after frosty night Frosbites on canes. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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