Cl 1

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 12th of December 2004 09:43:14 PM


Angel Pena
Absolutely perfect composition. I like the posing... sexy, effortless.

David McCracken
Didn't recognise this! I didn't recognise this as one of yours. I have to say I don't like the face being cropped the way it has been. Nice (what a terrible word) otherwise!

John Peri
Forgive me Aguiar, I removed the small photo in caption. I want to work on it and post it separately.

Aguiar Thierry
How do you manage to produce so much photos?!? It's incredible! I prefer the picture with te cu face : excellent! For the original, I think that the head could be better on the right side.

Filip Pizlo
flawless. the cropped face works for me.

pepe alias boulette
tribute to Modigliani...? - compliment!

Timo Hartikainen
nice composition/cropping

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
I mean this one!

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
My suggestion John: A little bit more "abstract". Hope you do not mind!

Sean Gordon
I prefer the original. Wonderful work!

John Peri
Figure study .. Out of a series of close-ups ...

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