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Published: Sunday 12th of December 2004 06:04:48 PM


Georgios Chaziris
Judging from your previous replies (to others' non-favourable critiques of your work) I should expect an inflammatory answer. However, this does not change the fact that I find this photo poor if not pornographic. You seem to get offended when people call your work 'porno' still you choose cheesey captions that can only imply what you pretentiously deny. 2/4

Dennis Barberic
Wait... the picture has been changed. In the original there was nothing covering the nude women laying down. In fact you could see her public hair and crotch clearly. Within the last 2 hours it appears that some piece of clothing was added to the photo to cover her up. What gives?

David McCracken
Curious John, I wonder if you have thought about using a different technique to create this type of image. The figure to the left looks as if she has been cut out from a magazine and added to the photo. The 2nd figure looks fine although her foot seems to be suspended in mid air. 3rd figure is perfect (maybe without the stuck on shirt!) I am undecided about the 4th figure. The light is confusing me.

I tried someting similar with 'Wendy Wendy Wendy!' My photo is not as good as I would have liked but I don't think she looks 'stuck on.'

Peter Saucerman
Sexually charged John, I always enjoy your work and your attitude. The comments you receive attest to the power of sexual suggestion to charge an image, I think. Ho-hum, sitting around with beautiful nude women... Some might consider that a boast or a taunt - but so what if it is?

Derek Prinsloo
my two cents... I would agree with David McCracken's comment. I like the idea - the execution just needs a little work. Any of these photos that you've done, strike me as an afterthought. "Hey, these 4 poses look nice - lets put them together". I would suggest that a bit of forethought would make the illusion more convincing (and probably easier in PS too). I'd suggest having a camera set up on a tripod could be the answer. If you have two, use your favorite for your usual, candid/casual shots. Then set up a secondary one on the tripod. Whenever the model enters the frame in a different pose or state of dress/undress - snap a photo. At the end of the session you'd have a series of photos with identical background and lighting - making the cutting-&-pasting that much easier. Keep in mind, I've never tried this myself, so I could just be talking out of my ass. But your fun photos have inspired my thought process and what I've suggested seems to make sense in theory (while still supporting your relaxed shooting style ... from what I've seen).

John Peri
My apologies to Dennis and those that preceded him. I did indeed make a change to a new version, a very short while after posting the first one. I made a bad judgement in posting the earlier one, which was provocative, even though there was nothing in any way revealing about it. The fault is mine.

John Peri

Giorgo, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but why express it with such vehemence? I think that the only inflammatory remark on this page comes from you and not me, sorry to disappoint you, I will not respond in kind. That being said,from you remarks  you appear to know my work quite well. Why do you keep looking at it if you dislike it so. vlaka ?!

John Peri

 David, they were stuck on, how else should one do it!?  Regarding this photo, I do this mostly to amuse the models. A few of them however were published in PHOTO.

Dennis Barberic
I wish I had boring Sunday's like this one...

Mike Dial
The judgment of Paris You are the Toulouse Lautrec of the lens! But seriously, how did the same girl strike four different poses before the shutter closed?

Zack Peck
Interesting composition, well executed

Jim Hayes
Thanks. Now I know exactly what I want for Christmas...........

Amin Ostovari
Nude works Your nude works works for me. Maybe it is erotic and on the edge of porn, but thats not what i would call today in the year 2004. The nude body is in the modern world of media something we se daily, so why not se it in an intresting way, like the ones you take. Overall your work is very good. 6/6 regards amin

David McCracken
Fair enough! Thanks John. If I have time AND I can remember how to do what I did, I will email you. Regards and Respect

Azriel Abramovich
Porn? Sorry, but I fail to see the Porn part here. With or without the shirt. There are much more explicit images on PN everywhere. I see a picture of a lazy Sunday afternoon, of a young lady which might lie naked in the living room. Heck I had an ugly naked guy live across from me. There is no sexual suggestion in any of your pictures. Some might be more erotic but none are explicit. A closeup on a nipple is more porn than this. Enough on the matter of what is port and what is not.

I like the composition and the idea, but I do agree that the pasting is lacking. I can't give advice on how to PS so I want to encourage you John to continue and improve. I love your work and follow it, well, practically daily.

Thanks, Azriel

Daniel Mejias
Hello John, I would call this shot "Four Seasons of Bliss", Great composition.

Glen Hall
I like the play you made with the hanging artwork ...

Pioles Cramponis
Very nice! I wish it was larger...

John Peri
Now, if someone could tell me how to do that ... now that would be really useful information !!

Ruslan Lavrentyev
Hello, John. All of your models are nice. Your pictures make us think and ask questions.You discover A WOMAN, this style seems to me more attractive than PLAYBOY.Do you show your photos at the exhibitions? You could earn a lot of money!Please tell me why are ALL the models so beautiful?

Olivier Boireau
nicely done

Tammy Tracy
I disagree... with the whole "porn" argument. Your photo is evocative, but not provocative. The right composition of a bunch of tubby old men wrapped in towels and seated in a sauna might capture the same spirit. Your figures are connected to, yet completely removed from one another--with only one reaching out to us (the others, self-absorbed). It's very, very nice.

John Peri
Hanging around waiting for the rain to stop ... Just one of those boring Sunday afternoons ....

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