"Green & Green"

by Tsoi Wilson

green seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Nature

Published: Saturday 11th of December 2004 11:47:25 PM


Linda Keagle
Wilson I am becoming such a fan of your work. This is outstanding. The proportion of color, the negative space, and the changes in texture create a dynamic image!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- I find the water drops so nicely arranged, did you arrange them? LOL Reminds me of a solar system. Your visual sight is wonderful, you see things I most definately would have missed. But I am looking at reflections more intensely, of course due to you. Wonderful composition, color & DOF. A winner!

Howard Dion
Male Voice: Hey dude, nice pic. Good black water shot. Just kidding. As Jayme and Linda already explained you can add this to your list of successful images.

Ken Beilman
Wilson I like it. Very nicely managed DOF with a lovely green motif.

Gabriella Lucia
This is colorfull, full of green and it looks great!

David McCracken
It is green! Most of your photos show many colours! It is unusual for a picture to show only one! I think I prefer it when you are colourful!

Francesco Martini
very original shot!!!!!

CR: "The secret of life" explained from a different side ... RE

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your kind feedback. Jayme, it was a dry day, so I splashed some water onto the leaf (sort of like a food stylist.) Generally, all the droplets fell aesthetically into place, except for one (bottom right,) which I removed in PS. ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I love this kind of abstract. The water droplets really MAKE the image. Great GREENS!! :-)

Robert Marleau
I like the design of the leaf with the drops and the way you framed your photo, a great one!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Lou Ann and Robert for your feedback. Have a great 2005! ^_^

Ignacio Feliciano
Wao. What a beautiful picture!. Very nice colors and composition Luv it. Rgrds. I. Feliciano.

deb cloud
Fantastic! This is wonderful! The water droplets really make this image pop. Congrats on such a great capture!!! deb

Wilson Tsoi
"Green & Green," as simple as that. Big leaf, small leaves, big beads, small ones, all in a small water garden. Going through the RFC for good faith.

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