"Hold On Tight"

by Tsoi Wilson

hold on tight seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 11th of December 2004 04:03:53 AM


Paula Grenside
Oh, I had missed these manipulations, Wilson. Find this great: the lifting and then the spinning. Not sure of the fun for the monks, but really an enjoyable take.

Erik Adams
Crouching Crane, Hidden Dragon. Pretty corny, eh?

Linda Keagle
Wilson...this is amazing! Fun! Delightful! Clever!

David McCracken
Understanding Physics The monks on the middle crane should be thrown outward..... I am with Vincent on this one.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I guess Wilson, I have a very warped sense of humor, because of the "T6", I would have made the title T6. Of course meaning, "Terminator 6", the return of the Terminator plus 5 monks! Kind of the perfect meld of man & machine! I like it!

Wilson Tsoi
"Monks, Just Wanna Have Fun . . . " A Thai Cirque Du Soleil, a makeshift amusement ride? Monks on the Move? Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons? Care to suggest a title? ^_^

Allon Kira
What a surreal image, Wilson!! I love the idea behind it and the orange tones. Title? I don't have a good one, but I think you should try to sell it as an advertisement for ORANGE the cellular co. :) Cheers, allon.

Frederic Pascual
that s original..it reminds me ..God is dead...(German Philosophe)

Jeff Moody
Kinda like a far eastern version of the flying nun I'd guess. Really made me stop on a dime while looking through the recent top photos

Ada Ipenburg
Very Funny. I like orange! Particular when it is hanging in the air.;~)

Elaine W.
let's practice fellow's "Fly"

Vincent K. Tylor
Sorry Wilson, this does not quite live up to your standards. I'm sure it's intended to be humorous, but just does not work in my opinion. Aesthetically is needing something. I could be in the minority and it wouldn't be the first time. PS- Finally sent those lava shots out for scanning. Hope to have something up this month. Lava is back into the water by the way. But I hear it is a loooong hike. Aloha. PSS- Even though your mug shot isn't even of you, it looks a lot better than your other one. Got a little tired looking up... heh...

Howard Dion
First off, I like it. As for a title. How about Monks Ascending to Heaven. Just a thought, the image might be more effective with only the T6 monk.

Sarah Underhill
I think this is fun! And funny. Nice work.

Andrea Endisch
Hilarious! You know what song came to my mind? "Monks justa wanna have fun..." and then I saw your comment :-)

Stephen Forsyth
'I don't think this is the best of ways to rid of the Bhudda's BellEEEEEEEE!'

Ken Beilman
Wils Funny and creative. How about "Swinging Monks"?

CR: WITH YOUR FLYING MONKS YOU SHOT THE BIRD! RE (You shot the bird - German idiom. It means: You took the cake.)

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you ladies and gents for your take on this. Appreciate them all. I knew that there'll be mixed reaction to this. Either love it or hate it, I guess. At least we all had fun, yes? ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Here we go . . . Thanks, Alec. You're too kind with your words. ^_^ Pardon me if you already know how, but I'd just like to share just in case somebody wants to know how . . .

Wilson Tsoi
Candidates for rides . . . Looking for riders . . .

Wilson Tsoi
Before motion blur . . . Thanks you all your funny takes on this. Some of us are more twisted than others! ^_^ p.s. David, what if the crane was swinging clockwise? Hmmmm.....^_^

Alec Ee
Wilson, you'll be God's gift to an advertising firm. This image reminds me of the formation by a group who did body piercing and hung themselves up a crane in a formation for "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" in Las Vegas.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is hilarious, Wilson!! Great PS work!!

Steven Thompson
Brilliant! One of the most creative shots i've seen in a while with very good humor as well.

joe w
Spirtual turmoil? Great sence of humour. 6/6

Mark Lucas
I thought the crane was a sacred BIRD!

Mark Anthony
6/6 Very good picture. The cloud formation makes a very good back drop. As for a "Name" "BUDDHIST WIND CHIME" :-)

Wilson Tsoi
Mark L., and Mark A., Thank you both for commenting. Great suggestion too for the title!

J Doyle
Buddhists' failed experiment in finding a shortcut around the Eightfold Path to Enlightment. Excellent, Wilson! Very creative. I just love your entire portfolio. You have a gift for seeing the ordinary in extraordinary ways. Thanks for allowing us to see along with you. It's a miraculous world! J

Wilson Tsoi
"Monk Just Wanna Have Fun." Works?

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