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on the fast lane ii seeking critique omar mr

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Published: Friday 10th of December 2004 06:43:55 PM


Marcin Harla
A:6 O:7 Great job

Stephan Petersen
Great execution! Thats a O.: 7 from me. The impression is good, too. A: 5! I really love the general idea of this....lets say warpcapturing. Perhaps I ll try it myself, soon, if you dont mind me "stealing" ;o) regards, Stephan

Larry Rosenmann
Very nice indeed Many (35+) years ago, as a kid, I took a photograph from the front window of a NY Subway Train that was pulling into the station. I always was surprised that other people didn't seem to do the same... at least I didn't see any photos from that vantage. I think this is the first one I have seen... and it is fantastic! I especially like the very modernistic feel to it made by the simple clean surfaces on the passing walls. Is the lighting pretty much a straight shot, or was it enhanced?

Larry, Thank you for the comment. Yes, everything is as it is... no photoshop effect involved (except for resize it for web, the original size is 6MP and put it into my standard frame-box).

Umair Ghani
nice execution of a brilliant idea. 6/ 6.

Richard Hans
6/6 well done!

marley beezle
hmmm.. subway tunnel or accellerator tunnel :) nice

Toby Hicks
hit a couple bumps on the track eh? haha nice tho. 5/5

Sacha De Carlo
A particle accelerator ? a time-warp ? good FX, very well done ! Cheers, Sacha :)

Hashim A
I like this even more than the prior shot. Very *sci-fi* feel to the image for me. Nicely done.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
By far my favorite! What can I say but, super capture!

Kim Slonaker
I have a similar shot - http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=2292741 but yours is more abstract. Cool shot.

Antoni My¬úliborski
wow! truly impressive, good work!

Salvatore Mele
Well thought and executed. It's definitly inspiring. The effect of the lights is interesting: while all other lines are continous, there seem to be some small steps.

Pim Geerts
Warped Wow, this is a great idea! I like the spacy looks on it; looks like your travelling through a wormhole or something! Amazing straight lines, must've been a perfectly smooth ride, wasn't it? composition is perfectly in balance with the direction the 'warp' is going. 7/6 from me!

on the fast lane II... doing a slow speed handheld shot while on the the LRT train heading back home... the underground track.

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