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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 10th of December 2004 05:11:28 PM


David Blair
Just wandering around your portfolio and this one was a real stand out. The pose, the light, love it. I like the comment about yoiu not photographing nudes, but friends.

Rock Scott
I think Shelby is just jealous. I KNOW I AM!!! lol Great job. As a suggestion, how about putting your new photos in a "current work" or dated folder. Sometimes is hard to find your new work and I have to spend hours searching them to see if there are any new ones!!! rock

Domenico Rota
Every type of photo are always new, every panoramas, nude, flower, etc. Have something interesting and artistic aspect that someone see and someone not. This shot is very good to my eyes for the light and the pose of the model still to reach the equilibrium. Good work ! Regards

Sandeha Lynch
"There's nothing new under the sun."


John Peri
Thank you Rod, not just because you made a compliment, but because you understood my attempt to go beyond just representing another nude young lady. The model is very gracious. If I have portrayed just a fraction of her sincerity, then I have achieved my goal.

Esteve Boix
I like it very much. The tones, the pose, the overall look... everything.

Rod Melotte
I find this to be one of the best nudes I've seen on this site. It's not all tricky posing to awesome lighting or huge breasts with nipples against the sun. All it is is a nude woman - yet - it's so natural it's sensual, one of the most sensual nudes I have seen on photonet for a long long time. Great capture!

Jerry Maestas
Harder yet to believe I find it harder yet to believe that people are still offended or feel the urge to drag a person down just because they take nude photography. Many things have been the topic of photography, yet the only penalization comes from the nude category. Are we still as a civilization still so uncomfortable with just being us that we feel so insecure so as to put forth negative connotations associated with the art of nude photography?! I find all of your work to be fabulous! All of your models are natural and relaxed, and that really helps all of your photos. Your lighting is also top notch. Continue the great work, and continue to grow in the art of nude photography to put a signature into your work. These are great pictures, but I wouldn't know they were yours until I saw the name. Make that distinction! Cheers!

David McCracken
Oh what fun! John! This is one of your best. The angle of my monitor is such that the background is almost completely invisible. When looked at it directly it loses some of its magic. I am not sure if you can recreate what I am looking at by moving your monitor but please try.

Angel Pena
Hailswoarth: Photography is art. Art is an impulse of the creative mind. We photographers that carry that impulse usually don't care about rules created by man in our quest to say tru our art the feelings that we as free spirits choose. This comes from unknown places. Being sensitive to the word of an artist is a blessing.

Jim Hayes
Nudes???? John, photograph nudes? I would have thought that he already made it abundantly clear.....He photographs friends.

Very nice. Not vulgar and not very erotic, perhaps becouse the model does not look towards the observer. It could be posted in fine art category. The only think I don't like is the shadow produced by the flash light. 6/5 Ciao.

John Peri
No Jerry, I would not do that on purpose, but I see the similarity. That being said, I often get the credit for what the models do. More often than not, innovation is due to them. My only merit, if any, is to seize the moment.

Brent Bruin
Photo Net Idol Methinks Shelby wants to fashion himself as the Simon Cowell of Photo Net. How un-original and boring! John - you have been marked as Interesting since I joined. Keep up the great work, and keep inspiring.

Jerry Pommer
Pose The pose is very Christ-on-the-cross-like. The position of her head, feet, arms, everything. Was that intentional?

Detlef Klahm
the charm of sensuality in the human form is always refreshingly original...but always a new face...a new form!

Rod Melotte
John Fournet - nevermind - to late!!!

Al Li
John, this is a beautiful shot. She is so well placed that the shadows don't even bother me. I love her pose and her relaxed mood. The images make her look so tall. Turely beautifully done.

Zack Peck
I like the simplicity of the pose and the suple erotic. regards Zack

John Peri
Well David, that was more or less the desired effect, but I prefer it with the background just a little visible I think. Many thanks.

C. Conway
I really like how everything besides the model's skin is dark. The feeling of huge space behind her, yet it's lost in blur... Those give it this wonderful depth that I love. Plus, the posing of her arms and her slim frame give her an almost floating, etherial look.

Richard R Johnson
Nudes HI John Over and over you find that wonderful place. Every model here to try's to get more from you than on her own, but as a man with 2 wifes and some thoughts about nudes you still stay in the same place how about show some other nudes (men)..or is this too much work...Hi Hi Great to learn from such a Pro. Rich Photo's

John Peri
Thanks Alec. Actually, the difficult part is keeping one's knees bent, so as to place the camera at mid level, otherwise the model will look short ... but you know that of course!

fred moore

John Peri
Nude in doorway Taken with the usual bounced flash ..

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