"Through a Window"

by Tsoi Wilson

through a window seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Thursday 9th of December 2004 06:50:43 AM


Howard Dion
Very cool photo of a very cool place. This particular composition is well thought out. Good job, Wilson.

Henri Manguy
Excellent composition in the frame of the window. Great impact.

Adam Paine
Great shot! Great frameing throught the window! Good job! AP

Sarah Daniels
The color and sharpness is great. I really like this. Congrats - sarah

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Am I having brain fade, or is this not one you had previously posted? Now let me think if I can remember what I think I said. LOL. I know I loved the window edges and the beading. I believe I also like the angular crack. I also liked the 2 clouds that seemed to echo the two gold towering structures. Nicely done.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Alexandra and Sarah for your feedback. Golden Eye . . . ? ^_^

Sondra Kicklighter
Seems like I have seen this one before. Its just as beautiful now as then. Is it gold leaf? Cheers, Sondra

Ken Beilman
Love the DOF and composition. Textures are very palpable and colors are rich. I really like this, as I said when you first posted it.

Larry Rosenmann
chess I feel like I'm watching a giant's game of chess! Great shot!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Larry- I kept looking at this and thinking this reminds me of something- you are right- chess pieces. LOL it's a good thing Wilson, O really like this!

Wilson Tsoi
. . . . but all the monks in the temple are very upset with Larry and Jayme . . . we not like chess, we no play game . . . boo, boo . . . Good thing the monks are gone. Thanks you guys for giving me feedback on this. This actually is one of my personal favorite just for the fact that it's from Asia, not of a reflection, and still tells the achitectural and historical story with, "depth." The monks are gathered here by the way . . . . ^_^

alexandra rauh
Respects for the Gold

Sarah Underhill
I like this. Shooting this thru the window turns this into a unique photo of the temples. Good eye!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
The golds here are great, and I love the "tassle" look at the top of the framing. I also love having these tastes of Thailand that you're sharing with us, Wils. My cousin's wife is Thai, and when I step into her home, I feel transported. She's a wonderful person, and I always long to learn more about her culture. You're giving me wonderful and warm impressions of her homeland. Thank you!

Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, So glad you feel such. One of my photographic goals is to make viewers feel like they're there with me on a trip through a unique, different point-of-view. You have to ask your cousin's wife cook up a Thai dinner for you all. Mmmmm.....^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Through a Window," at a Thai temple, thoughts? Taken through a door frame at a Bangkok temple. In Thailand, those little bells hanging at top of doors or windows will keep the bad spirit away, so they say . . . ^_^

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