Rue des Saules

by Dupin Eric

rue des saules seeking critique dupin eric

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Published: Wednesday 8th of December 2004 08:43:58 PM


Eric Dupin
Thanks very much Thomas, but what do you mean exactly about more "dramatic lighting" ? Aflter some experience, I don't like to exagerete photoshop effects ;-)

Thomas Collins
Nice composition and interesting elements. Dramatic lighting would greatly enhance this image.

Eric Dupin
If I well understand, I must come back there with better light - of course, this last sunday was a very grey day...

manos xilouris
fine composition. I agree with the comments above : you could try a different shot on a sunny day.the place has the potential.Regards

Alain Quitte
I totally agree about this question of light. This house deserves a good light preferably in autumn to take profit of red leaves. Could be a great great shot. You'll have to wait until next now, Eric. ;-)

Naftali Raz
i like very much the cold light and somewhat pale coloration. very seasonal! the street slope adds a lot to the composition. excellent work overall. may be a little tighter crop. i am sure you thought of it but the partial house number and window corner on the top bother my eye a bit.

Henri Manguy
Je ne sais si c'est a cette adresse precise que vous habitiez, mais j'ai fait la meme photo deux annees avant ( voyez ici ). Etiez-vous a cet instant-la dans la piece avec la lumiere allumee ?

Eric Dupin
Henri, je n'habitais pas cette maison precisement.Votre photo est tres reussie !

Eric Dupin
Thank you for comment and rating Beleive it or not, I lived in this street near Montmartre before to have children, of course...

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