Kh 21

by Peri John

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Published: Monday 6th of December 2004 05:37:39 PM


Jim Hayes
One may not be able to judge a book by it's cover, but thankfully, you can tell a "Peri" at a glance. I give this one six glasses of champagne.(my new Peri rating system)

W J Gibson
I like the idea and the result. I have one observation of offer - it may be time for me to go see the eye doctor, but anyway, I have recalibrated my monitor as best I can without going to the bank for specific hardware to do that....and I have notided over the past few photographs of yours a general tan/gold quality, which seems to produce a "flatter" image where the model does not seem to separate from the background in the way that they have in earlier photographs of yours. Are you doing something different in lighting, a coloured filter on your flash? Or a new lens or film? Just curious. Also, I hate to get into tech details because it really isnt about the tech, but primarily about the photographer's eye and imagination, but you have listed a single lens, a Nikkor 28-70 AF D 3.5. Is that the lens you use for all these shots? Thanks if you find time to reply. However, if replying prevents from taking photos, please dont waste it on my curiosity.

Jim Swenson
Creative shot.

John Peri
To WJ Gibson: many thanks for your comment. No, I don't think I have changed anything special. As for lenses, I have two zooms in fact, one 28 -70 and one 80 - 200mm. I am also trying out indiscriminately a new Nikon D70 for the moment (have taken less than 40 photos), but I still prefer film. Especially for flash photos, but that could change if I get used to the new equipment. As for the flat photos, maybe they were a little underexposed ... but don't they give more a feeling of being there ..?

W J Gibson
thanks for the reply.....actually for me, seems to create a distance from the image rather than bring me closer, i think, but I may be all wet about that.

John Peri
Mirror fantasy It's nice to dream ...

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