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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 5th of December 2004 08:04:20 PM


John Peri
Thanks Amy. Yes, this one was particularly natural. An exquisite girl to photograph.

Amy Nicholson
Beautiful photo. I know the guys like most all your nude shots, but of your nudes, there are really only a few that really grab me - and they are all shots with this model. Is it the casualness of her, the look she gives (or doesn't give) the lack of posing? Very nice.

John Peri
David, I don't think it makes any difference what country one lives in, there are beautiful women everywhere one looks, young and old. I think it has more to do with perception than the choice of models.

Lionel Dupre
Hi John. I am surprised you "pulled her strap down" ... as I read many times a recurring advice to keep reasonnable distance between the photographer and the model -especially- during nude sessions. Did you once get a strong reaction from your model in such situation ? In this picture I quite like the soft light on her, and the darkened background. Well done !

John Peri
There is always a first shot and this was it .. I formulated that very badly. Eased it down is definitely more correct terminology, thank you Lionel. If there is trust, it is shared also in the gesture. A model that has never posed will not do so on her own and will need some encouragement. The model is always in command however, and it is the photographers' job to see to that it always remains so and that she knows it.

John Peri
Thanks David, I think that both work in fact.

David Reneer
John - I have long admired the quality of your work. You have a unique gift to capture the beauty in all of your subjects and the subjects themselves are some of the most beautiful I have seen. If your body of work is indicitive of the beautiful women you have in your neck of the woods, I would really like to know what part of the world you live in so I can put that on my list of must visit places. Thank you for sharing your art!

Kjartan Haavik
Oops! boob slip... nice model, but nothing special to me.

David James
Elegance, too far Away? A very warm, elegant and disarming shot. What do you think of the tighter crop (attached)? Of course, it makes for too much intimacy, but the model's left arm flows out of the frame and the mirror attains a bit more mystery and, I suppose no longer disarming? Very nice photograph, Regards, David James

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady I pulled her strap down and so the session began ..

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