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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 5th of December 2004 05:27:50 PM


John Peri
No Jay, I did it the long way around by one. No tripod!

anne knes
Beautiful John !!!!!!!!

David Vorland
I love this image ... beautifully executed.

John Peri
I also made a second version ...

Sandeha Lynch
I think the second version soars, John. The figure outside the frame raises the three figures within into a sort of bas-relief, and you've anchored it all with the fine placement of that extra pair of shoes. An impressive dynamism throughout.

Emre Safak
Only the sitting model casts any shadows...

Sourish Basu
Wonderful, wonderful!! But I do love the second version!!

Alec Ee
Very clean, super details John.

Jay Weston
Seamless work John! Great image.

John Peri
Emre, they are standing. The shadows are under the feet of both models in the frame, just as they were in the originals.

Guy Barnard
I'm asking myself is a multiple image or 3 lovely women, either way I love it

David McCracken
I like the 2nd one It's a fun pic John. I am not good with Photoshop and so maybe this is a bit unfair. This would be a cracking image if it didn't look like it was photoshopped.

Jay Weston
How does it look like its photoshopped? John, have you had to cut around the models or have you had the camera on a tripod and just been able to blend the area between them? I assume the latter? Again I think this is a great PS job!

John Peri
Thank you. I have still another that I may post later.

Esteve Boix
Great but... I hate to say this John, but as much as I like your work, when I look at this one I wish you have had more time to work with it in PS.
The girl on the right has it's head strangely cutted (straight lines). The same goes to the girl on the left, and I find that the lack of shadows on both of them take appeal off the image.

Anyway, the idea is absolutely great.

John Peri
Esteve, thanks, I didn't take your comment to be at all offensive. The truth of the matter is that I am terribly lazy. If you add quite a bit of incomptence to that as concerns the use of PS, then the reason for any flaws you mention become evident. I have promised one day to offer myself the present of a course on PS. Hopefully, things will then improve. But I will still have the laziness to combat! As regards PHOTO, I only mentioned them because I have found that professional photo magazines are paradoxicaly often less concerned than us with the details. What they are after essentially is something that has impact. The same goes for the major fashion magazines like VOGUE etc., and the successful photographers that publish there. They don't care two hoots if fingers, ears and toes are cut off! Many thanks for your comments. John

Esteve Boix
Mmm... Well, a tilted horizon can really add something to a shot. I'm sorry if my critique sounded rude.
Please don't get me wrong with this:
I think that this is a matter of using a tool. In your shots, you take care of the light, the exposure, the composition, to capture a truly genuine moment... I really like most of them. But, in this case, the use of PS just degrades the quality.

I don't like either the type of critiques you comment: "tilted horizon", "this detail is superfluous", "don't cut the finger"...
I know you're cautious enough not to omit anything. I tend to think that everything is planned, and that the shot is what you intended.

I just think that, in this very specific case, the "collage" could've been done much better, and that the sum is poorer than the original shots (I'm absolutely sure that they are just perfect), since you didn't properly used one of the "tools of the chain".

Anyway, I repeat: I like your shots, I love your style and the passion you put in your work, and I'm glad you got this one published.


John Peri
You know Esteve, I think that we give to much attention overall to horizons that are not straight, missing limbs and all the other things that people like to point out on PN. I do not feel that these things affect in any way the impact of a picture. This one was published 1/2 page in the January 2006 issue of PHOTO. Unfortunately, they re-sized it, changed the contrast and colours, overall making it look rather strange, but oh well ..... it's nice to see it in PHOTO I guess !

John Peri
yes, I get the point Mark, thanks .. if I have the patience to get back to it one day, I'll try that.

mark williams
suggestion John, I must agree that I reaaly like the second version even better than the first. What if you framed the shot of the 3, as if it was a framed photo on the wall as 4 girl (outside the frame) was standing next to it?

John Peri
Shoes ..... A composite for the model .....

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