"A Dutch Town" (B&W Version)

by Tsoi Wilson

a dutch town bw version seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 5th of December 2004 03:16:17 AM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I think that I like this B&W best. It seems to be clearer, and the geometries are the priority for my eye.

Sam Bal
Wilson, I do prefer the B&W version. IMO Holland is more often than not in a grey, B&W mode! Well done!

Ken Beilman
Wilson I whole heartedly agree with Jayme's critique. Very cogent analysis.

Ash Herring
Nice photo, but I think I prefer the color version - I love the red brickwork of these old buildings.

And here are the winners ... Gold medal for SEPIA. Silver medal (honorary) for COLOUR (sharp version) - couldnt take part at the contest. Bronze medal for "B&W". Iron medal for COLOUR (softened version). HAND, RE

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I like the B&W, but it I think it lacks warmth. That's what I love about the color and sepia version, the added warmth. Warmth is you! Your images are always full of warmth! I like that. Must be your personality! LOL

Wilson Tsoi
Really valuable feedback, folks. Appreciate them much. I like Reiner's medal line up. ^_^ BTW Lou Ann, here's a sharp color version for you. Thanks.

Wilson Tsoi
"A Dutch Town" in black & white, or.... Do you prefer this black & white, the sepia, or color version?

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