"Lost and Found" II

by Tsoi Wilson

lost and found ii seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 5th of December 2004 03:12:20 AM


Gabriella Lucia
Nice PS work

Wilson Tsoi
Hmmm...but there was no PS work though, Peter. What do you mean?

Leo Pongan
I had to look at the original to figure out what was going on here. Still I think I prefer the inverted version. I originally thought it was some sort of PS work. Nice shot either way.

CL: Wilson, whats going on - are you already arranging your estate :-)) RE

Ken Beilman
Wils I agree that the original is less confusing than this although this certainly has its own appeal.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. Although I normally like a flipped reflection like this, but I guess this is too confusing for most viewers. Okay, thanks again you all. ^_^

Larry Rosenmann
I like it this way Wilson, I absolutely prefer it this way. To me it really holds the viewer as they try to figure it out. The other is clearly a reflection... a very nice reflection I will admit... but I like it better with the mystery. Rosi

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks guys for your feedback. I personally like the flipped versions of most reflection shot as they represent, "another dimension." But I'm afraid most viewers are confused by the orientation. Oh well, it's been fun to learn others' opinions. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Reflection, which do you prefer? Always curious to find out which orientation people prefer. This one, or original orientation? Thanks for your input. ^_^

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