Reincarnation at metal works # 6

by Amelkovich Igor

reincarnation at metal works nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Saturday 4th of December 2004 12:54:54 PM


Michael Draper
Michael Draper I love it the idea of using old factory great.

Brandon Luna
Wicked. Love the idea and exquisite execution

Jeffrey Eames
Keep working. Don?t give up! Kidding. I love this image. HOT!

David James
Rushing the Plan Stalin didn't know what he was missing. With this concept, he could have completed each five year plan in six months (or at least nine) and no one would have complained about labor pains. And talk about war effort, the Germans would have tried to use men, like DUH! Good for industrialization and the extra boots clinche the deal.

Filip Pizlo
as part of the series, I think it's great! but as a stand-alone shot, I'd remove the boots from the lower-right. great stuff as always! I really enjoy your work!

James Green
i weld for a living so i am drawn to this pic for sure nice blacks to

Evgeniy Shaman
funny shot! ))

Jeff Green
my idea I love all your pictures Igor. I have to tell you of what I see in this pic. Please see this as just my idea and not critisism. Everytime I see this pic I think the icing on the cake would be to have the model holding a lit welding torch in her right hand withh the long flame shooting out towards the right side. It woudl add a certain tension and intensity to the pic. Of course she would have to be VERY careful with it! Great stuff as always.

Olivier Boireau
not sure I like the mask on her face. Too white.

Chilly Willy B
Difference between sweet and too sweet. I agree with Jeff on this one. Its the frosting on the outside that draws us in, and its the actual cake that brings the frosting to life. Think of it this way, without the cake, the frosting would be just a bit too sweet. Love the curves (frosting) here.

Igor Amelkovich
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