Sexo caliente, sexo frio

by Mateu I Font Joan

sexo caliente frio canon mm fl usm eos ds mateu i font joan

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Published: Friday 3rd of December 2004 06:14:18 PM


Ringo Taylhardat
Muy interesante. Felicitaciones, Ringo

Thomas Turk
Superb lighting, great background and shadow detail for harmony of light and dark, not an overdone composition, and wow, so erotic....

Harry Eggens
Beauty Wonderful idea and the light and composition are great Joan. A real beauty in every way....Best regards, Harry

Wilson Tsoi
Very, very naughty. I like it! ^_^

Hafiza Jahan
7/7 and thanks for sharing us.

Joan Mateu I Font
Gracias por vuestros comentarios

Armindo Lopes
De fabula... i prou!

Frank Thomas
Very good - I love the lighting

Ivan Saorin
Very original idea and very good job. 6/7

Mnlo Lopes
Preciosa! mayor tesoro!

Andreas Fischer
i dont understand those good ratings the idea is can i say it friendly...quite poor the light isnt realy good the cropping should be much better sorry how can someone say its original and asthetic? maybe its me...but i dont like it at all 2/2

Joan Mateu I Font
Pedro G Casas Por que no te hace gracia? Tampoco era mi intencion hacerla, ni molestar.

mark warren
diamonds are a girls/boys best friend.

Marta Eva LLamera
Shine on you crazy diamonds, Pink Floyd.

C Brake
I don't know why, but I really like this a lot. It is indeed very original. I like the "smoothness" of this. And I like that it's not too busy and distracting. And it's elegant. And I guess I'm slowly figuring out why I like it so much!

Miguel Angel de Arriba Cuadrado
Que gran trabajo Joan, es de lo mas sugerente y a la vez elegante que he visto en desnudos. Un abrazo.

Imanol Gabilondo.
La idea me gusta. Pero yo hubiera cortado de la pierna superior para arriba esa zona. !Bien!

Mark Boyer
Just sitting home late at night looking back at some photos I remember fondly. About the only change thing I'd consider with this one is removing the diamond from the navel. I think the resulting re-emphasis would be interesting and more pointed. Lots of people rated this photo highly. I nonetheless was struck by the comments (and low ratings) of Mr. Fischer. He has some pretty stunning images in his portfolio. He nevertheless posted one just the other day (it is Christams eve as I type) of which (to judge by his comments) he is quite proud. In it he has a woman's mid lower torso masquerading as winter hills. Apart from the technique of being able to pull off the illusion (ars gratia artis), I do not see the point or originality. It is merely technical (PS) masturbation. Yet he criticizes your photo for lack of originality. At least in your case you are actually saying something by juxtasposing two unlike objects that share a metaphorical 'value'; a 'preciousness.' His is merely legedermain. Again, nice work.

Efraim Sanchez Gil Morente
Preciosa foto de desnudo. Muy sugerente :)

Laura Comellas
bonica Una molt bella imatge.

Antonio Leon
Cool appeal Curiously I don't feel cold, but desire. Very beautiful -I speak of the big brown diamond. Una maravella, un miracle.

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